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Lighthouses of Australia Inc. is a non-profit organisation which aims to create a higher profile for Australian lighthouses within Australia and overseas, and thereby preserve, protect and promote their place within our history.

The site includes a comprehensive list of lighthouses in each state, with relevant photos, technical data, history, access details along with links to other lighthouse organisations, museums, resources and other information.

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100 years of national management of lighthouses

Have you ever wondered where Australia’s first lighthouse was? Why do designs of lighthouses differ between states? How did they come to be managed by AMSA?

This year we are marking the centenary of the Australian Government's management of lighthouses and other aids to navigation in Australian waters.

Within just a few years of the colony’s founding in 1788, convicts built Australia’s first marine light on South Head at the entrance to Sydney Harbour. This was simply an iron basket on a tripod which was finally replaced in 1818 by Australia’s first lighthouse – Macquarie Light.

Prior to Federation, the various colonies of Australia built, maintained and manned their own lighthouses. As the colonies were very independent in terms of government and geographical distance, the style of their lighthouses greatly differed. Designs were based on local conditions and used local building materials wherever possible.

In June 1911 the Lighthouses Act came into effect and Captain C.R.W Brewis was commissioned to report on the condition of the existing lighthouses and to recommend any additional lights that may be needed. On 1 July 1915 the Commonwealth officially accepted responsibility for all light stations around Australia. From the Commonwealth Lighthouse Service’s inception in 1915, through various Commonwealth agencies (including AMSA since 1991), the Australian Government has been responsible for the provision of an extensive network of aids to navigation around the coastline, now comprising nearly 490 aids at approximately 380 sites.

To mark the anniversary AMSA has released a calendar featuring various heritage lighthouses. If you would like to order a free copy of this calendar please contact AMSA and provide your postal address -

Also, AMSA will be hosting various open days at our lighthouses around the country, some of which are rarely open to the public. Details of these open days will be made available as they are confirmed.

To introduce our younger generation to the history and importance of lighthouses, we have produced cardboard kit models of lighthouses at Tasman Island, Bustard Head and Sugarloaf Point for their lighthouse open days. The kits will be distributed to schoolchildren in each site’s local area and will be a feature of specific lighthouse curriculum topics in schools, leading up to the open days.




1 JULY 1915 TO 1 JULY 2015

The CLS Centenary Year Celebration will be held at the Queensland Maritime Museum on Saturday 4 July from 10 am onwards.

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