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New Zealand Lighthouse Books

The following list of reference resources is provided as assistance to those who wish to learn more about, or research, the subject of lighthouses in New Zealand. The list also includes related material of interest.

The list is certainly not complete. If you are aware of other books (either in print or not in print) then please let us know and they can be added so we can build a comprehensive list of reference resources.

LIGHTING THE COAST (A history of New Zealand's coastal lighthouse system)
Lighting the Coast is the first comprehensive history of New Zealand’s system of ‘well-placed and effective’ lighthouses that were essential for ‘the great maritime future’ the country’s government envisaged. 

Beaglehole, Helen (2006) Canterbury University Press, ISBN 1-877257-43-5
Hardback, 200 x 270 mm, 356 pp
More information:
See review in November/December 2006 Bulletin

The authors stories of his time with the lighthouse service on Moko Hinau, Nugget Point and Tirirtiri

Taylor, Peter (1975), Hodder & Stoughton, ISBN 0 340 20199 1, Hard cover book
Source: Out of print

LEADING LIGHTS - Lighthouses of New Zealand
A photographic and historical perspective on thirty lighthouses around the New Zealand coastline that have had resident keepers at some time in their history

Gibbons, Anna & Sheehan, Grant (1991), Hazard Press, ISBN 0 908790 22 8, Soft cover book
Source: Hazard Press, PO Box 8427, Christchurch, NZ

A pictorial reference with information on all significant New Zealand lighthouses

Churchman, G. (1989), Soft cover book
Source: Out of print

A comprehensive history of New Zealand lighthouses

Ross, John O'C (1975), The Dunmore Press, Hard cover book
Source: Out of print

THE SEA IS MY NEIGHBOUR (A Lighthouse Keeper's Story)

Clark, T A (Tom) (1963) Christchurch: Whitcombe & Tombs
215x140mm, 152 pages, illustrated, hardcover
Source: Out of print

Reference list originally compiled by Russ McGuiness, Glenhaven NSW, July 2003 
Revised by Kristie Eggleston, Aug 05, Additions Apr 07

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