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Replica Iwc Aquatimer Cousteau Adventure Tour watch, has a very user-friendly diving bezel, with an internal rotating diving bezel, the first time by the external rotating frame operation.It has a powerful watch, and the watch has a black rubber strap. Suitable for casual or sportswear, but should not wear jackets and ties. Stainless steel case on the black rubber strap and dark blue dial, looks pretty good. I wear this fake iwc watches about 3 weeks, the beginning of feeling nothing special, but a few days later, I began to have more respect and appreciation. It is very comfortable to wear, work well and not play, the typical iwc style.

Replica Iwc Aquatimer Cousteau Adventure Tour watch is a powerful dive watch, with a chronograph function, a dive depth of 300 meters. Chronograph, central chronograph second hand at 6 o'clock is a 12 hour chronograph, 12 o'clock is a 30 minute chronograph, operated by the buttons at 2 and 4 o'clock. 3 o'clock is the week - calendar double calendar display, 9 o'clock position is to run the second hand. One of the outstanding features is one of our favorite; it is an external rotating bezel-driven internal rotating diving bezel. They call it DiveSafe system, which is a very clever structural design. The outer bezel is bi-directional, sliding the clutch system to lock it in place for one minute and ensuring that the internal bezel moves counterclockwise only.

Blue Replica Iwc Aquatimer Cousteau Adventure Tour

The new Blue Replica Iwc Aquatimer Cousteau Adventure Tour watch has a new feature, the bracelet rapid replacement system. The system has a spring rod, is easily operated with a spring-rod tool, and has a more robust additional metal clip. This may seem trivial, but if you've already tried changing the rubber strap, you know you have more trouble removing the strap. The new watch chain fast replacement system may not be a big breakthrough, but in reality this is a huge step forward.

Blue Replica Iwc Aquatimer Cousteau Adventure Tour

Replica Iwc Aquatimer Cousteau Adventure Tour watch, with a dark blue dial, white fluorescent hour markers and hands, and an orange second hand and orange tip chronograph seconds. Rotate the diving bezel logo, starting at 12:00 on the triangle mark until 3:00 is 15 minutes dive scale, issue a green light, run the second hand luminous is green. All hour markers and hour and minute hands emit blue glow. As a fairly large watch, the diameter is 44mm, while the height of 17mm, there is no way to be able to stuff into the cuff. This watch is also quite heavy, but because the rubber strap docile shape, wear it very smoothly. This rubber strap can be separated, but you can also change the stainless steel strap, or if you like, you can use braided belt.