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The so-called Perpetual Calendar watch, is able to indicate the date, week, month, and can automatically distinguish the size of the month (30,31 days), only the end of February each year need to manually adjust the calendar. Almanac function is to live in the calendar of the calendar calendar and calendar between the two functions. Iwc Portuguese Replica Watches as iwc most popular series, has been a variety of complex features of the platform: from automatic winding watch, chronograph, perpetual calendar watch, to the famous Siderale Scafusia. Today we have to look at Replica Iwc Portuguese Perpetual Calendar IW5035 watch

Replica Iwc Portuguese Perpetual Calendar IW5035 Watch, its huge 44.2 mm case, groove bezel, classic orbital scale, thin slim stylus and almost no change in the Arabic numerals, very much like the 1939 prototype Portugieser, become a veritable design totem. 5035 watch thickness is not small, 15.3 mm, which of course is not ultra-thin watch, 5035 is the new Portuguese automatic watch on the calendar module to increase, to know Portuguese automatic watch 14.5 mm, and fair to say, Which is about the size of the prototype in 1939. This fake Portuguese watch with a new round arched sapphire mirror, so you can reduce the thickness of the shell to reduce the oppression of the wrist, in addition, the width of the bezel also reduced to the extreme with its concave arc, the front Looks like only the dial, so the visual effect will feel smaller, short and fast-curved ear, strap root do arc design, make the watch to wear more fit wrist.

Blue Replica Iwc Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch

Replica IW5035 Watch basic layout similar to the Portuguese automatic watch symmetrical layout, 3 o'clock is 7 days power indicator, 9 o'clock position is a small second hand, willow-shaped hands, Arabic numerals, the track pattern is the classic old The main change is the calendar; 11:00 to 1:00 direction of the order of the three large fan-shaped window, the month window, date window, week window. The black and white calendar instructions are clear and easy to read, intuitive and clean, the month - day - week calendar order is the American date. Replica Iwc Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watches has three versions, silver plate disk IW503501, night blue plate steel IW503502; red gold plated face plate IW503504.

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Replica Iwc Portuguese Perpetual Calendar IW5035 Watch's Calendar Module How it works: The hour wheel drives the date advance wheel. The date advance wheel has two different propulsion indicators, one for the advance date and month display and the other for the week display. When midnight, with the help of the top of the pointer to achieve the date conversion. The display of the month and the setting wheel for adjusting the length of the month are controlled by two pins in the date display panel. The first pin on the display disc pushes the set wheel to rotate one frame. A stylus on the push rod identifies a 30-day month with a deeper incision on the setting wheel, setting a longer switching path for it. As a result, the date of the double conversion of the next day to achieve through the push rod.

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Watch the back of the double barrel, rather than a single big spring box - or 7 days power reserve, but its dynamic stability is better. The hairspring balance wheel size is reduced and the corresponding vibration frequency is increased to 4 hertz (28,800 times per hour). Early 5000 movement of the large balance wheel because they have high inertia and stable timing, but the modern movement of these elements is not necessary, because the modern spring alloy can provide greater torque. The smaller balance wheel also allows longer power reserve, without sacrificing other parts, and is also more resistant to impact. Complex decorative grinding is obvious, especially the chamfering of the edges of all the plates. However, from the ratchet ratchet rattling details can be seen, the Geneva stripes and the radiation pattern of sharpness and uniformity of spacing, indicating that this is machine processing. Chamfer chamfer is also true, on the one hand there is no sharp inside angle (which is good at the hands of the machine can not do), on the other hand, no mirror polished chamfer.