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For a classic single-button timing swiss replica watch, it is the most attractive place is what? Iwc Replica Portofino 45mm One-Button Chronograph 5151 combines all the beauty of the chronograph watch appearance. This 45mm diameter Iwc Replica Portofino watch is indeed very large, but it is entirely possible to answer this question most likely: There is no arrogance or show off the meaning embodied.

We recommend Iwc Replica Portofino 45mm One-Button Chronograph 5151 watch in two styles, one is 18K white gold, the dial color is rock color, disk to wire drawing process, one is the rose gold version of the dial is silvery white. This watch is really very large, when you flip it through the bottom of the back watch its movement, it is a piece containing the time, date, power reserve instructions, as well as through the crown embedded in a separate button to start , Stop and reset the 60 minute chronograph function of the manual winding movement. Vibration frequency of 4Hz, can provide 192 hours of power reserve (8 power), and timing devices are modular and with a characteristic column-wheel. Sufficient size and proper planar construction allow it to safely and securely carry a quarter of the area of the movement that covers the movement, leaving enough room for the underlying movement.

Iwc Replica Portofino 45mm One-Button Chronograph 5151 white watch

Although this Iwc Replica Portofino 45mm One-Button Chronograph 5151 watch module structure is only 13mm thick, but makes it relative to those very simple sports watch it seems not so bulky. Dial design is very elegant and intuitive, the use of a successful combination of classic and more modern elements (such as sub-dial and power reserve indicator on the standard red). Dial sapphire glass is covered by anti-reflective, easy to read, dial on the distribution of the time-luminescence of the glare is a good match the precious metal case color.

Iwc Replica Portofino 45mm One-Button Chronograph 5151 rock color watch

From the wrist point of view, this fake iwc watch full of power. The huge dial is exudes a classical atmosphere, the complex layout of the dial was simple lines to cover up, slim bezel and further expand the irresistible visual effects. Of course, the single-button chronograph movement omits the double-button structure common on other code tables, and the single button for chronograph function has been integrated into large-sized crowns. Therefore, the crown and the button structure on the already large dial on the more prominent, so they will from time to time in the wrist poke your skin. Nevertheless, the final effect is still very classical and elegant, there may be a little rigid.