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Replica Iwc Aquatimer 2000 Meters Iw3580 watch, a diameter of 46 mm, the shell is made of titanium alloy, thanks to the light weight of titanium, the size of the watch is large, but do not feel oppressed wrist. The most prominent feature is the appearance of a thick semi-spherical sapphire crystal table mirror. There is no doubt that this is one of the most expensive parts of the entire watch. Side watch watch mirror uplift is higher than the bezel foot a few millimeters, taking into account the amazing depth of its dive, this thickness is understandable.

Replica Iwc Aquatimer Iw3580 Watch dial a bit like the texture of the wood deck, reminiscent of the ocean sailing in the fast sailing. Dial is simple, readable can be said to be excellent, luminous material of strong green tone a bit retro flavor. But its overall beauty is more elegant, its concave gear-shaped bezel is said to be inspired by the Porsche Design Ocean 2000.

Replica Iwc Aquatimer 2000 Meters Iw3580

Replica Iwc Aquatimer Iw3580 Watch Although the outer bezel can be rotated in both directions, but only when turning on the inner bezel counterclockwise. This well-designed bezel bezel is really smart. The advantage is that the inner bezel to eliminate the dirt and water erosion, and more convenient for divers to wear gloves when the operation. This depth of the diving table, without exception, are designed at the end of secret, the case back has a diving helmet etching, which contains a durable movement, more impact resistance, is suitable for use dive watch.

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Replica Iwc Aquatimer Iw3580 Watch, all surfaces are fine wire drawing treatment, lugs also do a polished chamfering treatment, bezel is also polished. But its shell shape is mainly composed of a simple straight line, and the bezel more detailed details are not particularly refined. Rubber strap, with a long version of the strap to adapt to wear diving suits.

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