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Everyone who loves iwc knows that the Iwc Portuguese series is one of the most iconic and most proud of the timepieces. However, in this series, there is a place in the minds of people occupy a unique position of the needle, the reason, mainly due to the complex and beautiful chasing chronograph movement, and the development of this machine Core and related modules behind the characters - Richard Habring. But unfortunately, this watch table has been discontinued 10 years ago, so we launched the best replica Iwc Portuguese series, the fun of life is that you never know what will happen next second surprise, Replica Iwc Portuguese Double Chronograph "fine Milan" watch, this classic watch once again a comeback.

Iwc Portuguese "fine Milan" Watch still continues the distinctive iwc demeanor, exquisite pattern, elegant vivid. Exudes a simple and restrained atmosphere. Have to say that this watch looks good, is really good-looking, but "fine Milan" four words seemingly means that it will only be available in the Italian city of Milan store, and limited edition of 100, so in order to meet the fans I need to introduce the Replica Iwc Portuguese Double Chronograph Watch.

Replica Iwc Portuguese Double Chronograph Watch

The new Replica Iwc Portuguese Double Chronograph Watch uses a very balanced balance architecture, looks very elegant, 12-bit and 6-bit timer for the disk, no calendar window, no 12-hour time disk. Despite the technical aspects with the same old, but the layout of the dial is brand new, full of charm. The scale in the center area is the tachometer function, and the scale on the edge of the dial is the range finder. The remainder is still the same as the ordinary Portuguese series, such as leaf-shaped pointer and digital time scale.

Replica Iwc Portuguese Double Chronograph Watch back

This Replica Iwc Portuguese Double Chronograph Watch, to 18k rose gold material to build. The color of the dial is gorgeous blue, and the pointer and time scale match the case. Watch the back engraved with "Biscione", snake spirit, if you are more familiar with the Renaissance, then you will know that it is a symbol of the city of Milan