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Bulletin – Vol 11 No. 1 – January 2009

Vale Ed Kavaliunas 1956-2009

In memory of Ed Kavaliunas

We are sad to announce that Ed passed away suddenly at home on 7 January, 2009.

The funeral will be held on Friday 16 January, 2009 at 1.30pm
at the Uniting Church, 
Corner Eggleston Street and The Parade, Ocean Grove.
The funeral will then proceed to the Queenscliff Cemetery, 159 Point Lonsdale Road Point Lonsdale for burial.
Friends and colleagues will then gather for drinks at the Royal Hotel, 34 King Street, Queenscliff 

Image: Deb Taylor

Ed was an inaugural member of the earlier Lighthouses of Australia Project (1997) and when in 2001 LoAP amalgamated with the Australian Lighthouse Association (ALA) to become Lighthouses of Australia Inc. (LoA Inc.), Ed took on the role of the Inaugural President of LoA Inc. and has served on the committee in some capacity ever since, most recently as our Copyright Officer.

Talking with Malcolm Macdonald, a long time friend of Ed’s, he stated that ‘Lighthouses of Australia’ as an online presence just wouldn’t have happened without Ed’s involvement and support in the very beginning when they were ‘just going to shoot some photos of the local lights at Queenscliff, Point Lonsdale, Split Point and Cape Otway.’ 

As Malcolm ‘poked around the internet’ looking for information he started to discover that there were other people who had done some work already. It just wasn't being seen! The idea of a project to set up a web site promoting the local lighthouses, indexing and linking to other web sites about Australian lighthouse so "The Lighthouses of Australia Project" was conceived. In Malcolm’s own words, “Ed helped me keep the whole thing moving and put the idea into action.”

If Ed started to go along with Malcolm to share his photographic expertise and help ‘take some good lighthouse shots’ more out of friendship and loyalty to him rather than with a passion for our lighthouse heritage, it wasn’t long before that changed and Ed became committed to ‘chasing lighthouses’. Together, they were constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to take photos and source material to create more new lighthouse pages. 

Then along came Deb Taylor who joined with Ed and Malcolm, adding her own particular fire passion and sense of humour to the mix. This trio was to share many lighthouse expeditions, which in turn were written up by Deb or Malcolm and illustrated with photos by Ed and Deb.

Even after Malcolm left the Committee, Ed stayed on well and truly hooked by his interest in lighthouses. Ed further enthused his brother-in-law Philip, who is still our valued Finance Officer and Membership Registrar, to become involved.

The Bulletin articles below were written by Deb to record the trio’s various expeditions and while not specifically about Ed, they feature his photos and provide a wonderful trip down memory lane from 1999 – 2002 for all lighthouse lovers. Look especially for the photos of Ed taking photos – so focussed on the subject and doing what he loved so much.

NSW - Pt Perpendicular Expedition Report: Part 1  Part 2

Tasmanian Expedition Report: with particular reference to Smithy's 'Big Tree'.  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

South Australian Expedition Report: Part 1  Part 2

Where else do Lighthouse Enthusiasts get married and have a honeymoon – of course it has to feature lighthouses – doesn’t it?

Deb and Smithy Get Married (written up by Malcolm)
Tasmania - King Island Report (AKA their honeymoon – written up by Ed himself)

The following articles were written and illustrated by Malcolm and Ed 

NSW South Coast Lighthouse Expedition - Gabo Island  Montague Island  Barranjoey Head

When Malcolm lost his health, it meant the trio were no longer able to undertake their lighthouse expeditions but they still reminisced fondly and at length over those days when they had set out on a new great adventure, just the three of them.

Perhaps though the last words should be left to Ed himself who in his LoA Inc Committee profile states:

"Many thanks to Mal for dragging me along to cold, windy, forlorn, desolate and stunningly beautiful places to try and translate the majesty of these silent sentinels of our past and perhaps perpetuate their place in our memories."

Vale Ed. Your contribution to the promotion, preservation and protection of our Australian maritime heritage through your contribution to LoAP and LoA Inc. will remain within our LoA Inc website and within the memories of all who knew you and shared in your adventures while chasing lighthouses.

Content of this obituary provided by Malcolm Macdonald (friend and founder of LoAP) and edited by Pauline O’Brien (LoA Inc. Secretary) 10 January, 2009.

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