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Dear Friends

Press Release Tasmanian

A press release detailing the forthcoming trip to Tasmania has been posted to all major newspapers and radio and television stations.

It includes the reason for the trip, some background, the itinerary and and other aspects of the project.

Also included are profiles of the expedition members, Ed Kavaliunas, Deborah Taylor and myself.

It can be found at:


Jules Retrot, on ABC Regional Radio, Tasmania discussed the site and the purpose of the trip with me on his afternoon show on Thursday, 18th March.

The press release will be updated with any changes right up to departure.

Tasmanian Itinerary Finalised

At last the Tasmania itinerary has been finalised. The dates are 15th to 26th April 1999.

Day 1 (Thursday 15th)
Devonport to Stanley

Mersey Bluff Lighthouse
Round Hill Point Lighthouse
Table Cape Lighthouse
Rocky Cape Lighthouse

Day 2 (Friday 16th)
Stanley to Marrawah to Stanley West Point Lighthouse

Bluff Hill Lighthouse
Highfield Bluff Lighthouse

(Alt Day 3) (Saturday 17th)
Stanley to Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain

(Alt Day 4) (Sunday 18th)
Cradle Mountain to Strahan


Day 3/4 (Saturday 17th/Sunday 18th)
Stanley to Strahan


Day 5 (Monday 19th)

Macquarie Heads
Cape Sorell
Gordon River

Day 6 (Tuesday 20th)
Strahan to Hobart

AMSA: Glenorchy

Day 7 (Wednesday 21st)
Hobart to Cape Bruny to Hobart

Cape Bruny Lighthouse
Hastings Caves
Iron Pot Lighthouse

Day 8 (Thursday 22nd)
Hobart to Tasman Peninsula to Triabunna

Port Arthur
Point Home Lookout
Maria Island

Day 9 (Friday 23rd)
Triabunna to Freycinet

Freycinet National Park
Cape Tourville Lighthouse

Day 10 (Saturday 24th)
Freycinet to Gladstone

The History Room: St Helens
Mt William National Park
Eddystone Pt Lighthouse

Day 11 (Sunday 25th)
Gladstone to Devonport

Low Head

Final Draft.

Notice Board:

Any Inquiries or Notices Regarding Australian Lighthouse are welcome here


Department of Scrounge:

If anybody has any of this material on any Australian lighthouses including the ones listed at the Department of Scrounge it would appreciated, especially the high priority ones:

  • Original Colour Photographs
  • Historical Photographs or Postcards
  • History, experiences and anecdotes
  • Technical History

Please eMail <Keeper>

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Australian News:

Old Caloundra Lighthouse Going Home at Last!

The Old Caloundra Lighthouse its the Original Location
The Old Caloundra Lighthouse its the Original Location
[Photograph: Courtesy Landsborough Shire Historical Museum]

The lighthouse, Caloundra's oldest building, that was saved from demolition 30 years ago by shifting it to Woorim Park at Golden beach, is being shifted back to its original location at Caloundra.

However at the new location the lighthouse began to deteriorate rapidly and a movement made up of residents and the Caloundra City Council started working towards moving the old lighthouse back to its original location and fully restoring it.

The Old Caloundra Lighthouse In The Park At Golden Beach
The Old Caloundra Lighthouse in the Park at Golden Beach
[Photograph: R Neilson]

A grant of $50,000 dollars was made and after 2 years a lease has been obtained over the original site. A new base has been put down and the light was moved from Woorim Park on the 22 March 1999.

Tasmanian Lighthouses Offered for Lease

Martin G. Bennie of Port Macquarie, NSW, spotted this advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 27th March.

It reads as follows;

"Maatsuyker Island, about 30km further south than Tasmania, looks perfectly isolated from the prevailing chill winds of ingratitude. It's one of five lighthouses in spectacular southern ocean locations, together with grounds and buildings, being offered for lease through Tasmania Government Parks & Wildlife officer John Holmes. Expressions of interest on this lighthouse, as well as others on Deal Island, Tasman Island, King Island and Bruny Island, close on the 30th April."

Maatsuyker Island
Maatsuyker Island

Bruny Island
Bruny Island

Tasman Island
  King Island
King Island
Deal Island
Deal Island

Deal Island Heritage Project Underway
[Christian Bell, Marine and Coastal Community Network]

The Tasmanian Conservation Trust (TCT) received a National Estate grant last year to do vital maintenance work on one of Bass Straits most important buildings, the Superintendents Residence at the light station on Deal Island (Kent Group of Islands).

The Marine and Coastal Community Network has been assisting with this project.

Earlier this year the first phase of this grant was completed when two technical reports were produced on the maintenance requirements for the building and how best to protect the archaeological values of the building when the maintenance commenced.

Deal Island
The Deal Island Lighthouse in Bass Strait
[Photograph: Kim Shimmin]

The historic values of Deal Island are high. The building of the light station (in 1847) by the colonies of NSW, Victoria and Tasmania was a significant act of cooperation. Professor J.M. Ward, a constitutional expert, cites this as perhaps the first step taken towards the Federation of the Commonwealth of Australia.

In April the TCT maintenance visit took place. A builder and a volunteer assistant have commenced the task of repairing windows in the building.

Another visit is due to take place over the next few months. Later in the year the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service will be undertaking repairs to the roof of the building.

At present the Parks has a period of comment in which expressions of interest are being sought for leasing Deal Island for potential ecotourisim. The period of comment finishes at the end of April.

The vessel used during the April visit was the Windeward Bound. While at the Kent Group a number of other projects were assisted while the brigantine was under charter. A Parks and Wildlife Service project officer was transported assist in the propagation of plants as a follow up to last years Australian Bush Heritage Fund sea spurge project. Sea spurge is pernicious weed effecting much of southern Australia's coastline. The propagation of native plants is an attempt to control the outbreak on Deal Island.

Onboard the vessel were a party of underwater and terrestrial photographers. They were shooting both video and stills.

Chris Bell one of Tasmania's most famous wilderness photographers made his first visit to the Kent Group. Also on the field trip was a South African PHD student who is undertaking a project on marine reserves. The Kent Group is one of the principal sites being proposed for a marine reserve in Tasmania.

Christian Bell <>

This Month's Featured Honorary Lighthouse Keeper:

Malcolm Macdonald

Born 1955, Ararat Victoria, Australia

Malcolm Macdonald developed the concept of the project and has followed through with its development.

Has always believed that every thing he tackles should have a sense of adventure about it. He therefore has found it extremely difficult to hold down a regular job.

His best achievement was a business called "Frankenwax & Candlestein" that after 11 years grew to be "Oz Cottage", manufacturing and distributing fragrant products to around 500 retail shops across Australia.

He has also travelled extensively around Australia in an old Pioneer Express coach converted into a mobile home.

When he is not working on the Lighthouses of Australia Project he is forced to pay some attention to his computer training business to pay the bills and put food on the table.

A special page has been set up to include profiles on people who are consistent in their support for the Project.  This can be found at <>.

Thanks to the Following People for Their Help in March:

Jeanne Vanessa Eve (Photos & Info)
Klaus Huelse (World Links)
Ken Trethewey (CD Info)
Adam Coleman (Contacts)
Rod Cairns (Photos)
Roger Curtain (Photo)
Vic McCartin (Photos & Info)
Annette Lecek (Photos)

Thanks to all the people who have put links to the site

Thanks to those who let me use their photos for thumbnails.

Regards until the May 99 Bulletin
Malcolm Macdonald

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