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Dear Friends

Your Lighthouse News Etc

Any subscribers with items of interest, whether an upcoming event, anectdote, preservation issue, access issue or cutting from a local news paper or magazine are welcome to submit their material for the Australian News section. With clippings with photos postage is probably the best method, though avoid folding on the photo itself. Any further queries contact myself.

New Improved Lighthouses of Australia Web Site!

A complete overhaul has been undertaken on the Lighthouse of Australia Web Site.

The new masthead features the Cape Otway Lighthouse celebrating its 150th aniversary with storm clouds and ship in background and encapsulates what the site is all about.

But, there is more to the new design.

The pages have been reduced in overhead and made simpler to view and read.

The new layout and design takes into account:

  • Viewing the page on a 640x480 resolution monitor
  • Printing the page on a standard A4 laser style printer
  • Links at the top of each page pointing to the major heading in that, and related pages
  • Eliminating repetitive information, and
  • Clearer menu options that point to set locations for that information
  • A better colour scheme, especially for links
  • A better organisation of reusable elements on the page.

Also, contributing to the quality and ease of editing and creating the pages on the site and the bulletins is the introduction of the Macromedia Dreamweaver Editor.

See for yourself: <>

Formerly Netscape Composer was used to create the main site pages and FrontPage was used to create the bulletins

Hope subscribers enjoy the benefits of the improvements.

Lighthouse Organisations Page

Also a page has been added to list Australian Lighthouse organisations such as Preservation Societies, Associations, Projects or other special interest lighthouse groups.

I will also consider giving them 1 free page (approximately A4) detailing what they are about and how to contact them.

The new page is at <>

Tasmanian Expedition Dates Finalised

At last the Tasmania dates have been finalised.

We will be departing Melbourne on the 14th April, arriving Devonport 15th April.

We will be in Tasmania for 10 days.

The return trip from Devonport to Melbourne will be on the 26th April.

Several people have offered us help, given us contacts or have requested to meet us while we are in Tasmania. If anyone is thinking about this please contact me in the next few weeks so I can have all the arrangements made and finalise the itinery.

A final itinery will be published in the April Bulletin, at the beginning of next month.


Last year I mentioned that the Victorian State Library was going to archive the site as part of the National Libraries PANDORA Program.

I have just recieved notification that this has been completed and available to the public.

The publication has been catalogued and the record for the title is in the State Library's online public access catalogue.

Access is via a ‘hot link’ from a special field in the catalogue record. The publication may be located through a search of the catalogue <> or by going directly to <>.

Both the PURL or URL for the original site and the PURL for the archived version are provided in the record. This means that users may choose to access either version. Should the reader opt to go to the Library’s archive, a title entry screen will appear, giving information about the title. This includes the name of the publication, a list of issues or versions held in the archive, links to the copyright statement and a general copyright warning and how frequently the Library gather the publication. They have provided another link to our site, giving the reader a second opportunity to link to the most up to date version.

Notice Board:

Boy, we are all happy campers this month

As stated above, post any notices here regarding research, events etc for any Australian Lighthouse.

[Email Keeper]

Department of Scrounge:

If anybody has any of this material on any Australian lighthouses including the ones listed at the Department of Scrounge it would appreciated, especially the high priority ones:

  • Original Colour Photographs
  • Historical Photographs or Postcards
  • History, experiences and anecdotes
  • Technical History

Please [Email Keeper]

New Pages for Australia:

The Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse The Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse New.gif (158 bytes)
Lighthouse Organisations, Etc New.gif (158 bytes) Lighthouse Organisations, Etc

If your e-mail does not display in HTML these pages can be accessed from the "New Listing for Month Index" at <>

New Links for Australia:

No new links for Australia this month

If your e-mail does not display in HTML these pages can be accessed from the "New Listing for Month Index" at <>

Also New Links for World:

No new links for Australia this month

If your e-mail does not display in HTML these pages can be accessed from the "New Listing for Month Index" at <>

Australian News:

Lighthouse Historical Society Of Queensland

This association replaces the former Lighthouse Historical Society. The group concentrates on preserving Queensland Lighthouse history or memorabilia.

The Deal Island Lighthouse in Bass Strait

They have 99% complete staff lists and are happy to assist genealogists with their enquiries.

The members are scattered widely throughout Queensland and interstate so contact is mainly by letter and telephone although the Commonwealth Lighthouse Service birthday party held every July in Brisbane has proved a wonderful venue for members to meet.

Anyone interested in preserving Queensland Lighthouse history or memorabilia is welcome to register as a member. There is no membership fee as we are now a non-financial organisation. Members can register their sphere of interest eg: a particular lighthouse, ships, workshops, memorabilia or administration. Any inquires can then be channeled to them.

The secretary is Shirley Buchanan who can be contacted at:

PO. Box 90

Phone: (07) 3289 1827

Shirley's husband Stuart Buchanan is well known for his book "The Lighthouse Keepers" , a wonderful insite into their experiences as some of Queensland last lighthouse keepers.

New Book to be Released on Bustard Head

Stuart Buchanan has once again been busy, writing and researching, and is putting the finishing touches on a new book to released in May 1999..

Stuart Buchanan
Stuart Buchanan
[Photograph: The Lighthouse Keepers]

Stuart's new book "Lighthouse of Tragedy", (a well earned title) is the story of Bustard Head Lightstation and is produced by Lighthouse Historical Society. It ranges from discovery of Bustard Head by Cook in 1770 to 1999, and includes 170 black and white and colour photos.

Jervis & Bridget Sparks Say Farewell to Barrenjoey

Jervis Sparks has finally handed the keys of his Barrenjoey Lighthouse Keepers Cottage back.

He had set himself a 12 month time limit for resolving the dispute over his continued tenancy of the cottage after the hand over from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to the National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS of NSW).

Jervis stated that the only progress was being made as a result of the legal wrangling was the size of the the bill.

"Finally I began to talk face to face with AMSA and realised that I had made the correct decison. My wife and I had enjoyed 30 years at Barranjoey, had written the history of the lighthouse, been awarded the Pittwater Medal for our services to the community and it was time to close that door and open a new one. The forces of bureaucracy were intransigent and inexpugnable, and we had better things to do with our lives and money."

"AMSA still envisages a long and expensive fight with the other tenants with the possibility of litigation. NPWS want vacant possession - no tenants only rangers. Their Plan of Management has not been released and will probably not be done until after the coming NSW state elections. Thus everything is still speculation."

Jervis Sparks at Barrenjoey
Jervis Sparks at Barrenjoey
[Photograph: Jervis Sparks]

The irony is that the NPWS of NSW will probably now advertise for unpaid volunteers to keep an eye on the place to prevent vandalism and deterioration. The outcome of forcing the tenants out, the people who had kept the lightstation in a pleasing and accessable condition for all to enjoy at no cost to the public purse.

Deal Island 1847 Superintendent's Cottage

Ian Terry informs me that on Deal Island, the light tower is indeed in a parlous state with major damp problems. The 1847 superintendent's cottage however (also in poor condition) is soon to have a conservation program commence, beginning with reroofing and external joinery work, later progressing to other drainage and internal conservation as funds permit.

This Month's Featured Honorary Lighthouse Keeper:

Ed Contemplates Another Lighthouse Expedition
Ed Contemplates Another 
Lighthouse Expedition.

[Email Ed]

Ed Kavaliunas

Born 1956, Seymour, Victoria, Australia. 

Now living on the Bellarine Peninsula (Ocean Grove) with the very talented artist (& camera carrying floozie) partner, Deborah Taylor. 

  The very talented artist (& camera carrying floozie), Deborah Taylor

Sometime artist, photographer & hardware salesman.  When not chasing lighthouses, can be found exploring churches, old trains or op shops for old cameras. 

Many thanks to Mal for dragging me along to cold, windy, forlorn, desolate and stunningly beautiful places to try and translate the majesty of these silent sentinals of our past and perhaps perpetuate their place in our memories.

A special page has been set up to include profiles on people who are consistant in their support for the Project.  This can be found at <>.

Thanks to the Following People for Their Help in January:

Ian Clifford (bulk photos!)
Stephen Clarke, AMSA Tasmania (help with Tasmanian trip)
Adam Coleman
(info for Tasmanian trip)
Helen Ruttley (historical info)
Jennifer Freeman (historical photo sources)
Byron Bennett (info for Tasmanian trip)
Carmel French (info for Tasmanian trip)
Jeanne Vanessa Eve (photos)
Loretta Dunlop (photos)
Alan Ross Foote (technical data)
Marvin Gorden (photos)

Thanks to all the people who have put links to the site

Thanks to those who let me use their photos for thumbnails.

Regards until the May 99 Bulletin
Malcolm Macdonald

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