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Project Celebrates its First Birthday!!

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Dear Friends

1st Anniversary of Site

On Thursday December 3 1998 the Lighthouses of Australia Project will celebrate its first anniversary of being on the Net.  Remember 1 Net Year = 1 Dog Year = 7 Human Years, so perhaps there should be 7 candles on the cake!.

The original page came about after a long search for a name for my computer training business.  One day I was walking around Point Lonsdale, which is 12 kilometres from Ocean Grove, where I live, and saw the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse over the roof tops.  This  inspired me to call my business Lighthouse Computer Training & Development.

About another 2 years passed by and I decided the business needed a new lighthouse logo.  I did a search on lighthouses on the Internet for ideas. and discovered it was top heavy with stuff from the US (mostly Cape Code style lighthouses rather than our Oak Tree/Pillar style) with smatterings of England and Ireland.  When I did a searches on lighthouses in Australia nothing turned up!   This got me a little riled so I decided, as a service from my business, that I would sponsor a project to do something about it.

Malcolm Macdonald Developed the Concept of the Project
Malcolm Macdonald Developed the Concept of the Project
[Photograph: Deborah Taylor]

Ed Kavaliunas Took the Photos for the First Pages
Ed Kavaliunas Took the Photos for the First Pages
[Photograph: Deborah Taylor]

Originally myself, and a friend Ed Kavaliunas, of Ocean Grove, were just going to shoot some photos of the Queenscliff, Point Lonsdale, Split Point and Cape Otway Lighthouses.  But, as I poked around the Internet looking for information I started to discover that there were other people who had done some work already.  It just wasn't being seen.

The idea of a project to not only set up a web site promoting the local lighthouses, but also indexing and linking to other web sites about Australian Lighthouses was conceived.

Since then I have been given a great deal of support from other lighthouse enthusiasts who have made information and photos available, (see new Profiles Page and extract below) and the Project has steadily eventuated.

Also in January this year I began to publish this bulletin as a response to the interest shown in the Project.  I have enjoyed preparing it and the feedback I have had from readers of the bulletins.

In the first 12 months the Project has created pages for 46 Australian Lighthouses, 7 further lighthouse feature pages and Index Pages for all 7 States and Territories as well as a well visited World Links Page

There have been around 10,000 visitors to the Main Index Page in the first 12 months and around 18,000 visitors to the other indexes.

It is anticipated that the Project will take another 2 years to complete.  The lights that are left to do are more isolated and information is less forthcoming.  This means time and funding.  I still hope to put the shop up and have some sort of sponsorship program, but the Australian Banks just don't have the mechanisms in place for secure transactions yet.  Hopefully early next year!

Thanks to everybody for your support in the last year and look forward to the next year of the lighthouse adventure.

Here is a list of most the people who have contributed and to whom I am sincerely grateful.   Apologies if I have left your name off.

Ian Terry, Chris & Judy Johnson , David Gray, Greg Mann, Jean-Marc Doumenc, Gordon Hill, Bob Duffie, Joanne Ritale, Paul Coghlan, Brian Lord, G Steinbeck, Alan Foote, Michael Burke, Jeff Jennings, Sophia McHarney, Grant Maizels, Frank Corigliano, Cyril Curtain, Anthony Presgrove, Martin Grundy, Bob Adams, Robert Cook, Greg Walker, Pauline O'Brien, A Beck, Greg Beck, Adrian S. Brown, David Armstrong, Judy Holmes, Andrew Mitchell, Linda Lucas, Veronica Jenkin, Illawarra Historical Society, Carol Mintern, Peter Coombs, Rod Cairns, Pilar Youssef, Glenis Thomas, Chris Klep, Tim Propert, Mrs Laurie Sharp, Brian Kendrick, Jervis Sparks, Tony Wheeler, Jeff Williams, Richard Webber, Ed Kavaliunas, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Mackay Port Authority, Rottnest Island Authority, Redland Shire Council Library, Friends of Pine Islet Lighthouse, Rottnest Island Authority, Cape Otway Lightstation, Kingston Branch of the National Trust of SA, City of Bunbury, Geraldton Historical Society, Lonely Planet, Lightstorm Photography, Victorian Channels Authority

National Library of Australia Archives the Project

The National Library of Australia has begun archiving the both the Lighthouses of Australia Project site as well as Grant & Tracey Maizels Lighthouse Pages as part of the Pandora Project.

This project has been undertaken because of the volatile nature of the Internet.  IE: Sites tend to come and go very quickly.

The archiving Grant's site has been completed with the archive being updated every 6 months.  My site however has been a little stubborn due to the fact that I keep using %20s to represent spaces in URLs.  The program they use can't handle the %20 even though they are implicit in any URL with spaces.  Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon.

What is great is that Grant & myself's work is deemed by the National Library as worthy of preserving.

View from Wadjemup Hill Lighthouse, Rottnest Island

The Rottnest Island Authority has just published a new web site on the island.  Here is a neat little tit-bit.  It is a 360 degree veiw of the island from the lantern room of the Main Rottnest Island Lighthouse on Wadjenup Hill.

360 degree view from Wadjemup Hill Lighthouse
Click for 360 degree view from the Wadjemup Hill Lighthouse
[Photograph: Rottnest Island Authority]

Notice Board:

Looking for Jeremy Watson

I am looking for any history of an Australian lighthouse keeper by the name of Jeremy Watson.

Kim Crayton
[Email Kim]

Lighthouse Keeper Uniform Cap Badges

I have been trying to locate the cap badges used by the different states, that is after they took over from Trinity House.  The South Australian one I know, but have unable to locate any of the others.  The one in use when I was a Lightkeeper,was the DEPT of Transport badge of three arrows,known amongst the lightkeepers as the "I don,t know where I,m going Badge."

I would appreciate any information on the badges ,or preferably the BADGES themselves.
Hoping you can help in this.

Dennis Neyland
[Email Dennis]

Editor's Note: Dennis served as Lightkeeper and Head Keeper on Neptune Island, Althorpe Island, Troubridge Shoal and Cape Willoughby Lighthouse. All South Australian Lights.

Repairing Fresnel Lenses

Joe Cocking's specialty is the restoration of Fresnel lenses.  He has had the opportunity and pleasure to perform restoration work on quite a few lenses and finds it challenging and rewarding.

He would like to know if you have or know of anyone who can help him find copies of technical information pertaining to the repair, care and maintenance of these lenses.  It seems that all of the guidelines have been lost and have become non existent.

Joe can be found at [Email Joe]

Editor's Note: Much of the documentation and formulas were lost when the Germans bombed the Chance Bros factory in England during WW2.

Department of Scrounge:

If anybody has any of this material on any Australian lighthouses including the ones listed at the Department of Scrounge it would appreciated, especially the high priority ones:

  • Original Colour Photographs
  • Historical Photographs or Postcards
  • History, experiences and anecdotes
  • Technical History

Please eMail <Keeper>

New Pages for Australia:

Jean-Marc Doumenc on one of his better days
People Who Helped Make the Project Happen New.gif (158 bytes)
The Port Melbourne Lighthouse New.gif (158 bytes)
The Green Cape Lighthouse New.gif (158 bytes)

If your e-mail does not display in HTML these pages can be accessed from the "New Listing for Month Index" at <>

New Links for Australia:

    None this Month

If your e-mail does not display in HTML these pages can be accessed from the "New Listing for Month Index" at <>

Also New Links for World:

    The St. Mary's Lighthouse Centenary web pages New.gif (158 bytes)
    Point Reyes Lighthouse photo by Ken Papai New.gif (158 bytes)
    Lighthouses Online is edited & maintained by Joe Szarmach Jr. New.gif (158 bytes)

If your e-mail does not display in HTML these pages can be accessed from the "New Listing for Month Index" at <>

Australian News:

South Channel Pile Light Restored and Relocated

The South Channel Pile Light as mentioned in the July Bulletin has been repaired and relocated to a new location near Rye.  Hopefully I will have a full report on this in the next bulletin.

Restoration Work Begins at Cape Otway Signal Station

Andrew Mitchell has informed me that work has begun on the restoration of the old Cape Otway Signal Station.

The section of the tower being repaired
The section of the tower being repaired
[Photograph: Eye of the Needle]

Stone masons have begun restoring the damaged part of the tower.

A large amount of the stone from the tower has been discovered under the concrete slab on the landward (north) side of the Signal Station.   Some of this being used in the restoration work.

Noted lighthouse author, Donald Walker, noted "It is wonderful to see stonemasons working on this site for the first time in over one hundred and thirty years!".  Donald's book "Beacon's of Hope" involved a great deal of research on the Cape Otway Lighthouse and the old Signal Station.

Plans have been drawn for the restoration of the verandahs on the same building (refer to grant handed over at the 150th celebrations by Stewart McArthur).  Ballarat University is planning on commencing that work early in the first semester of 1999.

The work will also include replacement of the roof and guttering on the Signal Station.

Andrew has since reported that the Lighthouse tower is being resealed and the top painted.

A full report on the progress of restoration can be found at <>

This Month's Featured Honorary Lighthouse Keeper:

Over the last 12 months many people have contributed to the Project.  Some just keep contributing or do something outstanding.  Therefore over the last few month I have issue around 10 Honorary Lighthouse Keepers Certificates to these people.  Several more are due to be award in the next few months.

A special page has been set up to include profiles on these people and others who are consistant in their support for the Project.  This can be found at <>.

Also each month I will feature one of the Honorary Lighthouse Keepers in the Bulletin.

Jean-Marc Doumenc on one of his better days 
  [Email Jean-Marc]

Jean-Marc Doumenc

"Hi, I'm Jean-marc, 38 years old, French citizen, and Australian resident since November 1997. 

I live in Brisbane, with Anna my wife.  

There are three children in the house, Pierre, Mina and Indy.  

In France, I did different things: primary teacher, librarian, writer...  

At the moment I'm doing a Multimedia diploma, studying authoring systems to create CD Roms or Web sites.  I am looking for a job, in a company or to realise some personal projects.  One of them is to open a "Lighthouses museum". I would be good in a lighthouse! All propositions welcome!"

Regards until the January 99 Bulletin
Malcolm Macdonald


Join Lighthouses of Australia Inc.

It is up to those of you who believe in the Preservation, Protection and Promotion of Australia's lighthouse heritage to throw your hat into the ring, whether it just be a financial member or direct involvement on the committee, web pages, the Bulletin or some other aspect that could enrich the site.

Or printer-friendly versions Membership Forms with card payment authorities that can be mailed:

HTML (recommended), or
Word 2002 (strictly 2000 or XP)

While we are in the process of setting up secure payments, we request that you open one of the Printer Friendly Versions above, print the form, fill in your details and post with payment.

Cheques must be in Australian Dollars.


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How did the Lighthouses of Australia Project Come about?  What is its objectives?

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    Victorian Channels Authority (info)

    Thanks to all the people who have put links to the site

    Thanks to those who let me use their photos for thumbnails.

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