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Dear Friends


The people at Virtual Cube Marketing Group have given the site their "Virtual Cube Marketing Group Site Silver Award"

Thanks to Grant Maizels for going to Penguin Island.  You may remember the on the last expedition we were unable to go out to the island because of the weather.  Grant undeterred by the conditions that made it impossible to land on the easier approach on the outer side of the island clambered from the boat across the ruins of the old jetty on the rocky inner side of the island.  Then waded waist deep over the rocks and up the cliff face to the lighthouse.  Again my thanks go to him and also to Frank Corigliano of Beachport for making his boat and his skilled services to reach the island.  The Penguin Island page is now up.

Grant has also produced his own Penguin Island page along with 6 other new ones (listed below) for South Australia

Department of Scrounge:

If anybody has any of this material on any Australian lighthouses including the ones listed at the Department of Scrounge it would appreciated, especially the high priority ones:

  • Original Colour Photographs
  • Historical Photographs or Postcards
  • History, experiences and anecdotes
  • Technical History

Please eMail <Keeper>

New Pages for Australia:

    Celebrate Cape Otway's 150 Years../../Common/New.gif
    The Cape Martin Lighthouse at Beachport../../Common/New.gif
    The Old Penguin Island Lighthouse at Beachport ../../Common/New.gif
    The Double Island Point Lighthouse../../Common/New.gif
    The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse near August../../Common/New.gif

New Links for Australia:

    Grant Maizels Cape Northumberland Lighthouse../../Common/New.gif
    Grant Maizels Cape Banks Lighthouse../../Common/New.gif
    Grant Maizels Penguin Island Lighthouse../../Common/New.gif
    Grant Maizels Cape Martin Lighthouse../../Common/New.gif
    Grant Maizels Robe Lighthouse../../Common/New.gif
    Grant Maizels Cape Jaffa Lighthouse../../Common/New.gif

Also New Links for World:

    The Lighthouses of Japan by YAMAYA Kunihiko../../Common/New.gif 

If your e-mail does not display in HTML these pages can be accessed from the "New Listing for Month Index" at <>

Australian News:

Cape Otway 150th Details

The celebrations are being held in conjunction with the Olympics Arts Festival: "Sea Change". They will be held on Saturday 29th August, the exact anniversary of the establishment of the light 150 years ago.

Date:        Saturday August 29 1998
Time:        From 2 pm.


  • Koori traditional and contemporary performance of song and dances.
  • Readings from diaries and accounts of Katabanut contact with settlers at time when lighthouse was being built
  • Turn on the Light: a performance written by La Mama theatre and performed by the local community  especially for this event
  • Concludes with fireworks followed by a symbolic turning on of the original lighthouse.

To keep posted visited the 150th Cape Otway page (link below) that will be updated as soon as details become available. Links to this page from recipients with web pages would be appreciated.  The hyperlinks is: <>

Parks on Parade Features Victoria's Lighthouses

An item that may be of interest is, that in conjunction with Parks Victoria, lighthouses are part of the 'Parks on Parade' promotion at Melbourne Central.  This will involve a nearly 1/2 scale replica of the Cape Otway Lighthouse (just over 9 meters high!). The promotion runs from June 15 to July 12 and the whole of Melbourne Central is being used to promote Victoria's National Parks, including the Victorian Lighthouses.
[Courtesy Andrew Mitchell, Cape Otway Lightstation]

Smoky Cape Lighthouse

An item that may be of interest is, that in conjunction with Parks Victoria, lighthouses are part of the 'Parks on NSW the National Parks and Wildlife Service are opening some former lighthouses to the public as tourist accommodation.

The first of the lighthouses, Smoky Cape was opened for tours by the NSW Park & Wildlife Service on Thursday 14 May 1998

International Conference on Lighthouses - Hamburg 9-19 June, 1998

The Association Internationale de Signalisation Maritime (AISM)International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) will hold its 14th Conference at Hamburg, Germany from 9th-19th June of this year. Over 100 lighthouse authorities will meet at the Congress Centre to discuss further improvements in lighthouse illuminants, buoys, radar, vessel traffic service, satellite navigation etc. A special topic will be the preservation of lighthouses. The conference is organised by the German Lighthouse Authority which is the Ministry of Transport at Bonn.
[Courtesy Egbert Koch, Prism] 

Regards until the July 98 Bulletin
Malcolm Macdonald

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It is up to those of you who believe in the Preservation, Protection and Promotion of Australia's lighthouse heritage to throw your hat into the ring, whether it just be a financial member or direct involvement on the committee, web pages, the Bulletin or some other aspect that could enrich the site.

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How did the Lighthouses of Australia Project Come about?  What is its objectives?

Thanks to the Following People for Their Help in May:

    Peter Starkie (Info)
    Sophia McHarney (Photos)
    Grant Maizels (Photos)
    Frank Corigliano (Boat Trip)
    Cyril Curtain (Photos & Info)
    The Late Ken Gott (Photos)
    Anthony Presgrove (Photos)
    Martin Grundy (Photos)
    Brian Lord (Photos & Info)
    Bob Duffie (Map)

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