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Dear Friends
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Dear Friends

Managed to get another 6 lighthouses pages up and finally the new Lighthouses Lost Index.  I expect to get about the same up again for this month too.  Again help and generousity in the form of information and photos is still coming in.

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Department of Scrounge:

If anybody has any of this material on any Australian lighthouses including the ones listed at the Department of Scrounge it would appreciated, especially the high priority ones:

  • Original Colour Photographs
  • Historical Photographs or Postcards
  • History, experiences and anecdotes
  • Technical History

Please eMail <Keeper>

Photographic Expedition Report: (Part 2)

[Continued from the March 98 Bulletin]

By lunch time on the second day we had reached Port MacDonnell where we were given a very informative tour of the Cape Northumberland Lighthouse and the ruins of it's predecessor, the Old MacDonnell lighthouse, by Veronica Jenkin of the local maritime museum.  She also assisted us with old photos of these lights and Cape Banks, our next port of call.

Without the good directions from Veronica we would have become lost finding Cape Banks.  We had to travel over a combination of sealed and unsealed roads.  Unlike the prvevious lights, Cape Banks did not lend itself to being photgraphed.  We had to use our initiative and this is where Ed & myself enjoy working together.
Next stop was the relatively new light at Robe.  We believed this would be a quick one as we had to be at the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse by 5pm.  We were really wrong and again we had to work hard to capture the feel of the area and the light.  We had to move around to high ground and some further out points.  This adversity created some good shots, the results were quite pleasing.

Somehow we managed to be only about 5 minutes late arriving at the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse, which incidently is no longer at Cape Jaffa, but relocated and beautifully restored at Kingston SE.  The representives of the Kingston National Trust, Ken Taylor and Alison Downing, meet us and gave us a interesting tour full of stories of the lights history and how it was relocated to the current sight by the The Dept of Transport and the Trust.  This lighthouse is one of my favourites.  I first discovered it nearly 20 years ago and it could certainly lay claim to being responsible for my current interest in lighthouse. We got so much good material that an additional page on the lifestyle of living on a lighthouse on a platform on a reef will be and additional page to this site.

Returned to Beachport that night to some excellent hospitality.  On Monday morning we photographed the Cape Martin Lighthouse.  It was hard work with the aspect and light conditions.  We also took some shots from this vantage point of the old tower on Penguin Island, about 400 metres off the Cape Martin.  We had hoped to land on Penguin Island with the assistance of local fisherman, Frank Corigliano, but weather conditions prevented us from doing so.

We were hoping to get 12 lighthouse pages up.  However due to film damage (sand, wind and film do not mix!) and being unable to get to Penguin Island this will now be a combined page for Beachport.

However there will be additional pages for the old MacDonnell Lighthouse and Cape Jaffa.

Malcolm Macdonald

New Pages for Australia:

  The Lighthouses Lost Index Page

    The Abandoned Point Cloates Lighthouse at Ningaloo
    The Griffiths Island Lighthouse at Historic Port Fairy
    The Lady Bay Lower Lighthouse at Flagstaff Hill, Warrnambool
    The Lady Bay Upper Lighthouse at Flagstaff Hill, Warrnambool
    The ill-fated Cape St George Lighthouse
    The Hells Gate Lighthouses at the entrance to Macquarie Harbour

New Links for Australia:

    (None for this month)

Also New Links for World:

    Nico Derks has an interesting World Lights page with many other links on it.
    Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Bermuda
    Point Arena Lighthouse and Museum
    George Alderton's Michigan Lighthouse Page
    Beachy Head Lighthouse and Beachy Head Lighthuse As Seen From The Cliff Top.

Australian News:


Bit short on for news this month.  If any one knows of anything newsworthing about an Australian Lighthouse send it to me and I will consider including it in the Bulletin.


Working on setting up on-line shop, classified section and have nearly finished sponsorship certificates.

Regards until the May 98 Bulletin
Malcolm Macdonald

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How did the Lighthouses of Australia Project Come about?  What is its objectives?
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  Greg Walker (Photo)
    Pauline O'Brien (Photo) 
    A Beck (Photo)
    Greg Beck (Donation)
    Robert Cook (Information & Photos)
    Adrian S. Brown (Information & Photo)
    Cloe Hoyne, Augusta Information Centre (Material)
    Felicity Britten, Parks & Wildlife Service, Strachan (Information)
    G Steinbeck (Offer of Information)
    David Armstrong (Information)
    Zohar Catts (Graphic Services)
    Peter Braid (Offer of Information)
    Eunice & Ron Shanahan (Postcard)
    John Kerr (Offer of Photos)
    Judy Holmes (information & material)

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