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Dear Friends
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Dear Friends

Even though it has been a busy month the results are not apparent with only 2 new pages being created.  The photographic expedition was a success (see report below) and should lead to about 13 new lighthouse pages.  There has been a steady inflow of material being hi-lighted by that of the Whyalla Tourist Centre.  These people embraced the project by going out and taking some excellent photos and providing the history and current status of the Lowly Point light.  The results are one of the 2 new pages listed below.

Again as I said last month information is gradually dribbling in on other lights.  If any body has material on Cape St George (NSW), Cape Leeuwin (WA), Mersey Bluff (Tas) or Hell's Gate (Tas) it would appreciated.

Grant Maizels has been hard at work again and his site continues to fill in many of the gaps in Australian Lights.

Photographic Expedition Report: (Part 1)

On Friday 20th Feb headed we down to Apollo Bay.  On the way it started to rain.  Was this to be a bad omen?

Visited Cape Otway in morning and meet, the manager, Bob Adams. We were shown the around the tourist complex, including inside the tower, by Andrew Mitchell.  It was a heavy overcast morning.  Andrew said this was "good lighthouse" weather.  Ed was provided with some good photo opportunities for the project.

By the time we reached Flagstaff Hill, at Warrnambool, the day had cleared to be a beautiful sunny day.  The managers of the site, now a museum, were extremely co-operative and allowed us the freedom of the site with it's High & Low Lighthouses.  We were able to inspect the workings of the Lady Bay High tower.

Arrriving at Port Fairy we found we had to walk about 400 metres out to the Griffith's Island Lighthouse.  Some lighthouses make it easy for you.  This was one of them.  Our patience however was tested.  After we waited for the tourists to disappear surf riders started to come ashore and used the shelter of the light to change.  Some of our shots were grabbed as their little pinkies moved out of sight behind the tower.

Arrived at Whalers Bluff, Portland, about 5 in the afternoon.  The light conditions deteriorated rapidly and it was hard to do justice to the light.  We had intended on coming back in the moring but by the time we returned from Cape Nelson we were running extremely late for our appointment at Port MacDonnell

Met Linda Lucas, the wife of Max Lucas at Cape Nelson early Sunday morning.  Max and Linda have been keepers at Gabo Island, Deal Island and Cape Nelson.  She was a delightful character and in addition to showing us around the lighthouse complex she shared many anecdotes and experiences with us.  Again this lighthouse is a natural for taking photos

Malcolm Macdonald

[The second part of this Expedition Report will appear in the April 98 Bulletin]

New Pages for Australia:

    The Whaler's Bluff Lighthouse at Portland 
    The Lowly Point Lightstation near Whyalla 

New Links for Australia:

   The Williamstown Lighthouses by Grant Maizels 
    The Port Melbourne  Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The Portland Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The Cape Liptrap Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The Cape Schanck Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The Cape Nelson Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The Wollongong Lighthouses by Grant Maizels 
    The Macquarie Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The Hornby Lighthouse on Inner Head by Grant Maizels
    The Warden Head Lighthouse by Grant Maizels
    Grant Maizels Tacking Point Lighthouse 
    Grant Maizel's Richmond River Lighthouse at Ballina 
    Grant Maizel's Point Perpendicular Lighthouse
    The Grotto Point Lighthouse on Sydney Harbour by Grant Maizels
    The Fingal Head Lighthouse at Tweed Heads by Grant Maizels
    Grant Maizels Cape Byron Lighthouse
    The Nobbys Head Lighthouse at Newcastle by Grant Maizels
    Grant Maizel's Cape Baily Lighthouse at Kurnel
    The Burrewarra Point Lighthouse by Grant Maizels

Also New Links for World:

   Grant Maizels New Zealand Lighthouses 
    "Forts and Lighthouses" from Brasil
    The official Finnish Maritime Administration page of Finnish Lighthouses 
    Lighthouse Beacons From Scotland 
    Lighthouses in Canada is a collaboration of the official agencies 
    Ken's Lighthouse Photos 
    The Cape Irozaki Lighthouse by WJ Allen 
    The Cape Irozaki Lighthouse again by WJ Allen 
    The Shimoda Lighthouse by WJ Allen 
    The Shimoda Lighthouse again by WJ Allen 
    The Terschelling Lighthouse page 
    South Foreland's high lighthouse and low lighthouse 
    Les phares et naufrages dans l'archipel  

An Interesting School Site:

Pauline O'Brien has got her students at the Beaconsfield Primary School interested in the roll of lighthouses in their community with a school project.  The result are worth a view at

She is also working on a Holiday Lighthouses page for Western Australia

Australian News:

Cape Otway 150th

Keep an eye on Cape Otway as it will celebrate it's 150th anniversary in 1998.  Have spoken to the leasees of the site and they tell me that plans are yet to be finalised.  I will let you know as soon as they become available.


Bit short on for news this month.  If any one knows of anything newsworthing about an Australian Lighthouse send it to me and I will consider including it in the Bulletin


Last Month I outlined several propositions for funding.

The certificate idea definately got the thumbs up.  Something along the lines of becoming an "Honoury Keeper of the Lighthouses of Australia".  Each price break could be bundled with some extra goodies such as certificate, cards and a poster.

Also having a classified section for accommodation and tours has had a positive response from operators approached.  I am getting consistant email enquiries so such a section would also save me time responding to request for info on tours and accommodation.

I also intend to establish a virtual shop for Australian Postcards and other publications

Regards until the April 98 Bulletin
Malcolm Macdonald


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How did the Lighthouses of Australia Project Come about?  What is its objectives?

Thanks to the Following People for Their Help in February:

    Barbara Rose - Focus on Tasmania (Use of photos for thumbnails)
    Bill Adams & Andrew Mitchell of Cape Otway (tour and material)
    Dianne and Howard at Flagstaff Hill (access and information)
    Port Fairy Historical Society (information)
    Linda Lucas of Cape Nelson (tour and information)
    Veronica Jenkin (tour and material) 
    Kathleen White, Ken Taylor & Alison Downing of the Kingston Branch of the National Trust of SA (tour and information)
    Frank Corigliano (Offer of boat trip to Penguin Island)
    Robert Cook (statistics & info)
    Illawarra Historical Society (information)
    Chloe Hoyne of the Augusta Margaret River Tourist Bureau (information)
    The Port of Yamba Historical Historical Society (information)
    The Bundaberg and District Historical Society (information)
    Gin Gin Shire (information)
    Pauline O'Brien of Fremantle (information)
    Moonta Station Visitors Information Centre (information)
    Carol Mintern (photos Tasmanian Lighthouses)
    Peter Coombs & Rod Cairns (Photos)
    Cr Vivienne Coleman, Caloundra City Council (information)
    Judy Holmes (information & material)

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