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How did the Lighthouses of Australia Project Come about?  What is its objectives?
Dear Friends
Photographic Expedition
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New Links for Australia
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Great New Australian Lighthouse Site
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Dear Friends

I have had a steady inflow of material on Australian lighthouses.  There are many lighthouse pages waiting for that final photo or piece of info to bloom.  The 4 of the 5 new ones below demonstrate this point.  Material had been collecting for about a month or so, then suddenly that final bit of info and photo turned up and they were up within hours.  There are about another 5 - 6 lighthouses coming to the same stage.

Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales lighthouse pages are going well.  I am desperately short of material on Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.  If there is anyone out there, or you know of someone, who can help it would be gratefully appreciated.

Photographic Expedition:

Ed and myself are planning a tour of the West Coast of Victoria through to the South East Coast of South Australia to photograph lighthouses.  This should take place toward the end of February and, hopefully we will get enough new material to establish pages for all 12 lights in this area

New pages have been added for:

    The Cape Borda Lighthouse on Kangaroo Island 
    The Point Hicks Lighthouse 
    The Gabo Island Lighthouse 
    The Cape Schancks Lighthouse Museum 
    The Cape Otway Lighthouse 

New Links for Australia:

    Cathy Dunn's Warden Head Lighthouse Page 
    Rod Cairns' Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale Lighthouses Page 
    Fremantle's Arthur Head Lighthouse 
    Rod Cairns Leading Lights at Port Phillip Heads 
    Rod Cairns' Point Lonsdale Lighthouse page 
    Point Danger Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The Crookhaven Head Lighthouse near Nowra, by Grant Maizels 
    The Kiama Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The Norah Head Lightstation north of The Entrance, by Grant Maizels 
    The Point Stephens Lightstation by Grant Maizels 
    The Nelson Head Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The Sugarloaf Point Lightstation by Grant Maizels 
    The Crowdy Head Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The Smoky Cape Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The Clarence River Lighthouse at Yamba by Grant Maizels. 
    The Barranjoey Head Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The Cape Otway Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 
    The High Lady Bay Lighthouse at Warrnambool, by Grant Maizels 
    The Low Lady Bay Lighthouse at Warrnambool, by Grant Maizels 
    The Griffiths Lighthouse at Port Fairy by Grant Maizels 
    The Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse by Grant Maizels 

Also New Links for World:

    Lighthouses by Andy is an extremely comprehensive site 
    New Zealand's most northerly lighthouse, Cape Reinga Lighthouse 

A Great New Australian Lighthouse Site

is being setup by Grant and Tracey Maizels.  Many of our new links are to it.  Also, Grant was kind enough to let me use one of his photos to complete my new Point Hicks Page.  Their main page can be found at: 

An Interesting Arts Site

with beautiful woodblock prints of British Columbia Lighthouses (ideal gift stuff) is at:

Australian News:

The Commonwealth agreement to transfer surplus lighthouses to the NSW Government has been finalised at last.  The agreement had been delayed because of concern that the NSW State Government wanted break up and develop these sites for their real estate value rather than taking responsibility for their ongoing preservation.


The issue of funding for this site has been a concern since its inception.  As we add pages the overheads go up.  Also Ed and myself are having to travel further to photograph lighthouses and we are also addressing issues of equipment to better represent the images of Australian lighthouses on the Net.  I would like to avoid ugly banner type advertising which slows down loading time and becomes a significant distraction to the purpose and identity of these pages.

Amongst the alternatives being considered are "Page Context Sponsorship" and "Certificate Sponsorship" or a combination of both.

Page Context Sponsorship is where an individual page is sponsored by a party with an interest in that lighthouse and it's locality.  Such principles would be involved in the areas tour operators, hospitallity etc.  The ideal being either one major page sponsor or two smaller ones on an annual basis.  The positioning of the the sponsorship material would have to be sensitive to the design and feel of the page.  The obvious disadvantage is that some locations would be very "popular" while others out on islands and other isolated locations may receive very little support.

Certificate Sponsorship could offer a far broader sponsorship based without the sponsors having to be a business or having any particular relationship with the lighthouse or it's area.  It would entail the sale of certificates of varying values which could then be applied to individual light's pages or to the project as a whole.  The sponsor would receive a scroll styled hardcopy certificate to hang or do as they please with.  In addition a virtual certificate will be mounted and hung in the appropriate gallery representing their sponsorship.  There would be a separate pages gallery and a project gallery.  Also, perhaps a certifcate of the week for that mounted on the actual page.  These certificates would have a duration of 12 months.

Your Feedback on either, or a combination of these two ideas, or something entirely different, would be welcome.

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Regards until the March 98 Bulletin
Malcolm Macdonald

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How did the Lighthouses of Australia Project Come about?  What is its objectives?
Thanks to the Following People for Their Help in January:

    Greg D. Beck (great range of photos)
    Senani Ponnamperuma (info on photo)
    Allan Eddy (info on lighthouse)
    Peter Coombs and Rod Cairns (photos)
    Pilar Youssef - City of Bunbury (photos and Info)
    Glenis Thomas - Geralton Historical Society (photo & Info)
    Gavin Whyte - Editor of The Echo (permission to reprint article)
    Alan Foote (info on AMSA Lighthouses)
    Robert Cook (info on AMSA Lighthouses)
    Chris Klep - Lonely Planet (photos of lights)
    Grant P. Maizels (photo of light)
    The Queenscliff Historical Society (old photos & postcards)
    Rod Nicholson (offer of photos)
    Eunice and Ron Shanahan (offer of help)
    Tim Profert (offer of photos)

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