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How did the Lighthouses of Australia Project Come about?  What is its objectives?

Dear Friends
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Dear Friends

The Project has received 2 Awards:

Sofcom Pick of the Net

This morning I reloaded the whole site.  It has new structure that is fast loading and better organised, yet retains its original character.

Features are:

  • Attractive welcome screen that loads in 10 seconds and passes you to the new main index
  • The new fast loading main index page is simpler and has only 6 thumbnails, one for each Australian state and territory.  These point to individual State Indexes which in turn are more organised and smaller.
  • There is a New Listings Index, and
  • A Preservations Issues Index
  • All indexes have the counter at the bottom.  A huge improvement in loading time!
  • The blue colour in the left panel has been darkened to create a better contrast for links text and softens the feel of the pages.

New pages have been added for:

  • Cape Liptrap Lighthouse - Victoria
  • Eastern Lighthouse - Victoria
  • Cape Schanck Lighthouse - Victoria
  • Wollongong Lighthouse - New South Wales

New links for Australia:

  • Eddystone Point Lighthouse - Tasmania
  • Cape Wickham Lighthouse - Tasmania
  • Currie Lighthouse - Tasmania

Also new links for world:

  • Henning Jensenīs Lighthouse of Southern Sweden Pages

Pages are coming for:

  • Cape Schanck Museum
  • Life and hardships growing up in a lighthouse community
  • More Australian Lighthouses

The site is getting about 50-80 hits a day through the main index page.  I suspect many more are going straight to individual pages.

I have had some great offers of material and help from people in the last couple of weeks.

Join Lighthouses of Australia Inc.

It is up to those of you who believe in the Preservation, Protection and Promotion of Australia's lighthouse heritage to throw your hat into the ring, whether it just be a financial member or direct involvement on the committee, web pages, the Bulletin or some other aspect that could enrich the site.

Or printer-friendly versions Membership Forms with card payment authorities that can be mailed:

HTML (recommended), or
Word 2002 (strictly 2000 or XP)

While we are in the process of setting up secure payments, we request that you open one of the Printer Friendly Versions above, print the form, fill in your details and post with payment.

Cheques must be in Australian Dollars.


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How did the Lighthouses of Australia Project Come about?  What is its objectives?

Thanks to:

  • David Armstrong (material on growing up on lighthouses)
  • Mrs Laurie Sharp (information and old postcards)
  • Brian Kendrick of Lightstorm Photography (photos of lighthouses)
  • Keith Reid  (photos of lighthouses)
  • Jervis Sparks (Material on NSW lighthouses)
  • Val Milne- The Albany Residency Museum
  • Brian Cooper (former lightkeeper)
  • Lin Richards (former lightkeeper)
  • Cyril Curtian (Australian Lighthouse Association)
  • Andrew Mitchell (photos of lighthouses)
  • Cathy Dunn (lighthouse material & history)
  • Chris Klep (photos of lighthouses)
  • Tony Wheeler (photos of lighthouses)
  • Edith-ann Zecca (proof reading and humour!)
  • Jeff Williams (photos of lighthouses)
  • Joyce and Ainsley Dixon - 4C's Enterprises (photos of lighthouses)
  • Matt Rose (material on West Australian Lighthouse)
  • Richard Webber (photos of lighthouses)
  • Rod Cairns  (photos of lighthouses)
  • and every one else who has help

Thanks to all the people who have put links to the site and also those who let me use their photos for thumbnails.

Malcolm Macdonald
Lighthouses of Australia Project

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