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Bulletin – Vol 10 No. 2 – May 2008

 Over the past 18 months I've had the pleasure of seeing my son take an interest in lighthouse heritage. This has also raised a dilemma. As we travel around on our lighthouse trips, how do I answer the question "Dad why did they knock those building down?"... "Dad, why didn't they keep that beautiful lens in that lighthouse?" How do I explain to him that we care so little for our heritage. Our generation will be held to account for what we lose. Will my son have to say to his son ... "Well in your grandad's time, they didn't feel it was worth the money to save them"

This is the reality we all face, as lighthouse enthusiasts; the future care and ongoing maintenance of our precious few and ageing towers

Great news just in is the decision by Peter Garrett MP to stop the development at Nobbys Head in Newcastle. "On balance, I believe this particular development proposal would significantly damage the heritage values of this Newcastle icon and the oldest surviving lighthouse in New South Wales." He has not ruled out any future development but has stated that the heritage value of the lighthouse must be maintained

In other news, several towers have had recent renovations, and the first tower to be opened to the public in Tasmania is not far off. In the USA the community is leading the way in preservation matters. The Morris Island tower work, as detailed in the last Bulletin, is continuing, and in the past few weeks the Cape St George lighthouse, which fell into the sea, has been rebuilt, brick by brick. In France things don't seem to be as good. The additional obstacles and cost in maintaining wave-washed lighthouses is a threat to many, with one authority conceding that unless more is done now, many will simply fall into the sea. Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of that page.

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Garry Searle

Just In
Nobbys Development Stopped Nobbys Development Stopped - Media Release 19 May 2008
Peter Garrett has informed the applicants for a proposed development next to the historic Nobbys Lighthouse in Newcastle of his decision not to allow the particular project because of the impacts it would have on the heritage values of the lighthouse.

Special Macquarie Lighthhouse Visit Special Macquarie Lighthouse Opening for LoA Members
The Macquarie Lighthouse on Sydney's South Head has undergone restoration works over the past year. Before it's official re-opening to the public, Lyndon O'Grady from AMSA kindly invited LoA members to a pre-opening inspection and report on the works done. AMSA have done a tremendous job with this lighthouse 'icon'.
President of LoA, Denise Shultz at the radio during International Lighthouse Weekend International Lighthouse Weekend - August 16/17 2008
The seventh International Lighthouse Weekend intends to raise the profile of lighthouses, lightvessels and other navigational aids, promoting our maritime heritage. Many lighthouses and places of associated interest will be open to the public, and there will be special events at lighthouses and lightvessels throughout the world. Many hundred radio operators throughout the world will be set up at lighthouse bases, communicating with each other. Other Lighthouses will open specially for this weekend.
Table Cape Lighthouse Tasmania Receives Budget Funding Table Cape Lighthouse Tasmania Receives Budget Funding
Just prior to the last federal ejection ALP candidate and former MHR Sid Sidebottom announced that if a Labor Government was elected a grant of $185,000 would be made to the Waratah-Wynyard Council. Given Sid's election and that of the Rudd Government we can look forward to guided public access to this historic lighthouse opened in 1888. Great news as this will be the first tower opened to the general public in Tasmania.
Maatsuyker Movie Maatsuyker Island To Feature In A Major Feature Film
It's 1927. Meredith, 33 and unmarried, arrives at a remote lighthouse island with her uncle, the new head keeper. Bad weather and misadventure leave her marooned with only the sullen and withdrawn assistant keeper Fleet for companionship. A tender, faltering courtship ensues...
Good News for Lighthouse Renovations Good News for Lighthouse Renovations
In addition to Macquarie Lighthouse, several other towers are receiving some much needed work. Hopefully this shows promise for the future. AMSA, local councils and federal government are all involved.

Prism Features
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Macquarie Lighthouse

Deal Island Calendar 2009 Deal Island 2009 Calendar 
Support the great ongoing work of Friends of Tasman Island and Friends of Deal Island.
CLS 93rd reunion CLS 93rd Anniversary - 2008 Reunion 
You and your family are invited to the Commonwealth Lighthouse Service's 93rd Anniversary Dinner.
Queensland Maritime Museum - 28 June 2008
Job Vacancy Job Vacancy For An Enthusiast - Trinity House Lighthouse Service UK
Senior Civil Design Engineer ... generous benefits, we are seeking a highly motivated Civil Design engineer to deliver capital projects for our historic estate of 69 lighthouses. ...

Light of Their Lives Light of Their Lives - Stuart Buchanan 
Well known author Stuart Buchanan has written another book, detailing his fight to restore the Bustard Head Lightstation. Read an excerpt of the book including photos. 

International News
Cape St George Lighthouse Cape St George - Another Restoration Achievement 
The Gulf of Mexico is a harsh environment for lighthouses. Cape St George Lighthouse has withstood many hurricanes over the years. In 2005 it lost the battle, but now it is once again to rise over the gulf.
Phare Eckmuhl Staircase - Image: Ellen van Bodegom Frances Crumbling Lighthouses 
The lighthouses of France are without doubt some of the most beautiful, grand, even opulent, yet some of the most difficult to build. With so many of the towers on wave-washed rocks, and non essential maintenance no longer considered necessary, the future holds doubt for their continued existance.

Lighthousing - Cape Capricorn Queensland QLD lighthouse offers holiday with a difference - The West Australian Newspaper
If you’re looking for seclusion for your holiday party or corporate group, how about a lighthouse? 
Cape Capricorn Lighthouse on Curtis Island near Gladstone, in Central Queensland, has two cottages available for up to 12 people.

Around the Net
150th Anniversary - Wreck of SS Admella 150th Commemoration of the Wreck of the Admella 
On August 6 1859 the SS Admella hit a reef off Carpenter Rocks in South Australia. 89 people died over the next week as heavy seas and storms thwarted rescue attempts. Ben Germein, Lighthouse keeper at nearby Cape Northumberland assisted in the rescue. It was not until 1882 that Carpenter Rocks was marked by Cape Banks Lighthouse.

This site has been established to communicate events in 2009 and to assist trace descendants on those involved.


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