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Bulletin Vol 10 No. 1 January 2008

 After an absence of 12 months, the Bulletin is back again!  Thanks goes to Kristie Eggleston, who raised the quality of the Bulletin over her term as Editor, it is hard to step into a role that was done so well. LoA has 2 publications, the Prism and the Bulletin. Until now there has been a some overlap between the two, but from this issue the focus of the Bulletin will change slightly.

Garry Searle - Bulletin Editor
Garry Searle - Bulletin Editor
The Prism - The Prism is the bi-monthly publication for the members of Lighthouses of Australia Inc. The Editor, Denise Shultz  does a fantastic job of bringing lighthouse stories to our mailbox in printed form. The Prism will continue to entertain us every two months.

The Bulletin - has also been published bi-monthly but in electronic format. From this issue it will focus more on news, rather than stories. To suit this news format, the Bulletin will no longer be distributed regularly every 2 months. Instead, it will be distributed as news happens and in this way will be better able to inform you of current events as they happen. The plan is that it will be published more often but editions will be shorter. 

We hope this new format will benefit members and non-members alike. Of course we invite you all to become members and not only help in the preservation and promotion of lighthouses, but receive the Prism every 2 months.

Membership Special!!  We need you support. Our lighthouse heritage is coming under increasing threat. All new memberships received in January 2008 will be extended until 30 June 2009. Join Now and receive 6 months membership free!

The Annual General Meeting was held on 6th November 2007. The new committee for 2007/2008 wish you all a safe and happy new year.

Garry Searle

Althorpe Island - SA Althorpe Island / Troubridge Island Draft Management Plan
Just prior to Christmas, the Department of Environment and Heritage in South Australia released a Draft Management Plan for both Althorpe and Troubridge Island. This plan has consequences to the lighthouse heritage on both of these islands. What can be done?
Warden Head Lighthouse - Ulladulla NSW Warden Head To Get A New Coat of Paint
A welcome announcement from the NSW Government, pledging $60,000 toward repairs and painting of the Warden Head Lighthouse at Ulladulla.
Nobbys Lighthouse Nobbys Turns 150 As The Fight Over Redevelopment Continues
A small group of caring citizens celebrated the 150th birthday of Nobbys Lighthouse on New Years Day. 

Prism Features
      All the stories below appear inside the latest issue of the
     Some are also available here and if so, you can click the links to the stories.        The Prism is published and distributed to LoA members, 
       in printed format, 6 times a year.
Troubridge Island Lighthouse - Chris & Judy Johnson

Lighthouse Books
Point Moore Lighthouse - WA Point Moore Lighthouse - Mid West Heritage Series
Pauline O'Brien has written a short review on this wonderful booklet released recently.
Published by Geraldton Regional Library

International News
Morris Island Lighthouse Morris Island Lighthouse - Saved!
Erosion has caused this lighthouse to be now sitting 450m off-shore, where once it was a similar distance inland. Despite the Coast Guard wanting to demolish it, concerned locals formed a group to save the light, and after years of fund-raising, work has now begun. 
A great story of what can be achieved.

Summer Lighthousing
Summer Lighthousing - Cape Leeuwin WA Summer Lighthousing
The summer months are the ideal time for visiting your favourite lighthouse, or even better, a lighthouse you haven't been to before. We have compiled a list of the lighthouses that are open in your state.

Around the Net
Time-ball tower Semaphore SA The One O'Clock Gun Association
Early mariners needed to ensure their chronometers were accurate when calculating their longitude. Latitude (north/south) could be calculated by the position of the sun or stars, but longitude could only be calculated by comparing high noon, with the time on their chronometers.
Most major ports indicated 1:00pm each day by either a cannon, or with a time-ball tower. As the ball dropped from the top of the tower or the firing of the cannon, the mariners set their chronometers. The One O'Clock Gun Association is a new site detailing the history of the time-ball / canon
Examples of Time-ball towers are at Semaphore in SA and Williamstown in Vic
No-mans land fort off Portsmouth Man-made island fit for a Bond Villain up for sale - for 4 million pound
No Man's Land Fort is one of 4 forts built off Portsmouth England between 1860 and 1865. Each had it's own lighthouse. Others were Horse Sands Fort, Spitbank Fort and St Helen's Fort

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