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Bulletin Vol 9 No. 5 September/October 2006

 Letter from the Editor
At the recent Lighthouses of Australia Inc Annual General Meeting, I did not stand for re-election as Editor of the Bulletin, and the position is now vacant. I have been putting together the Bulletin for nearly four years, and managing and redeveloping the website for two years, and the responsibilities involved are too much for one person.
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Feature stories

International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend 2006
Reports from ILLW 2006 by Kevin Mulcahy, Bill Carter & Denise Shultz

What is a lighthouse?
John Ibbotson poses the interesting question of how do we actually define what is a lighthouse

The lighting of Hydrographers Passage - Part 2
The story of the lighting of this passage through the Great Barrier Reef during the 1980s concludes.

Pharology 101 - Unusual and experimental light sources
In this episode of Denise Shultz's lessons in pharology, we learn about unusual sources of light, including limelight.


AMSA EVT Pacific Responder
John Ibbotson reports on AMSA's new emergency towage & aids to navigation maintenance vessel.

New lighthouse at Clerke Island
The 2007 AMSA calendar showcases Australia's newest lighthouse, in far north Queensland.

Renovations at Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse
The Sugarloaf lightstation is undergoing significant renovations to allow for accommodation.

Progress at Cape Naturaliste
LoA member Jennifer Kaye reports on a recent successful grant application for work at the Cape Naturaliste station.

LoA Victorian dinner at Titanic Restaurant
Victorian members gathered at the (in)famous Titanic Restaurant in Williamstown for a rollicking good evening.


Montague Island 125th Anniversary
Celebrations are planned for Montague Island's 125th Anniversary on 1 November 2006. Get in quick to book.

Discount on Lighthouses of Australia books
John Ibbotson is offering Bulletin readers a discount on his Lighthouses of Australia books for Christmas.

Tasman Island calendar
As a fundraising project, the Friends of Tasman Island (FoTI) have produced a limited edition calendar for 2007.

The Light (L'Equipier)
A satisfying drama of simmering passions that unfolds in an arrestingly atmospheric setting played with slow burning intensity.

Low Isles caretaker
Tenders have now closed, but the Low Isles Lighthouse was looking for caretakers earlier this month.

International News

International stories
Stories from around the world on lighthouses for sale, lighthouses needing funding for repairs, and lighthouses in disputed ownership.

Lighthouse news in America
The United States of America has a long coastline, and hundreds of lighthouses, and so dominates international news regarding lighthouses.

10 Haunted Lighthouses
A recent lifestyle magazine in the US listed its 10 most haunted lighthouses. Which Australian lighthouses are haunted?

Vaucluse Bay Lighthouse
Frederique Nijman, now living in the Netherlands, reminisces when she lived in Sydney, with the Vaucluse Bay lighthouse located in her garden.
Church as a lighthouse?
Knut Ekeberg from Norway asked Lighthouses of Australia if any of our churches or cathedrals have a double-life as a lighthouse.

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