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Bulletin - Vol 9 No. 2
March/April 2006


 Letter from the Editor

 Sugarloaf Point Story
The story of Denise Shultz's epic journey to see Mark Sheriff's home and collection of lighthouse artefacts at Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, before he and his family have to move out to allow renovations of the historic cottages.

 Cape Rochon - An Island Light
Erika & Alan Johnson have spent the last few years living & working on some of Tasmania’s most remote offshore islands as lighthouse caretakers. Here they tell the story of the Cape Rochon Lighthouse, located on Three Hummock Island, off Tasmania's north-west coast.
 Pharology 101 - The power of kerosene
It could be said, without too much exaggeration, that kerosene caused a revolution in lighthouse technology (and excuse the pun!). Denise Shultz, our resident chemical engineer & pharophile, describes the use of kerosene in lighthouses.

  MV Cape Don
The MV Cape Don is the last of Australia's fleet of lighthouse tender vessels that once serviced lighthouses and navigation aids around the Australian coast. She was headed for the breaker's yard a couple of years ago when a group of enthusiasts saved her by forming a trust, who are faithfully restoring her to working condition.
  News snippets

 Lighthouses of Australia The Offshore Lights
LoA Inc. member John Ibbotson, author of Lighthouses of Australia Images from the End of an Era, and Lighthouses of Australia A Visitor's Guide, has released the third book in his lighthouse series, Lighthouses of Australia The Offshore Lights. LoA members can get a discount if they order direct from John and mention they are members.

 The Wreck of the Sailing Ship Netherby
A new book by Don Charlwood detailing the story of the sailing ship Netherby, which was wrecked on King Island in 1866. The actions of the lighthouse keeper at Cape Wickham were instrumental in saving all on board.

 International Lighthouse Conference
An International Lighthouse Conference is being held from 1-4 June 2006 in Ontario, Canada. The theme is "Capturing the Past and Securing the Future". The conference includes lectures, films, lighthouse tours and special performances.

 Beacons By The Sea : Stories of Australian Lighthouses Exhibition
The Beacons By The Sea touring exhibition presented by the National Archives of Australia has finished showing at the Queensland Maritime Museum, and is now at the Matthew Flinders Gallery on Bribie Island, Qld until mid-May.


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