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Monthly Bulletin
May/June 2005 - Vol 8 No. 3



 World War 2 plane crash on Deal Island
Further to a letter published in the October 2003 Bulletin, Joyce Westcott has been to see where her brother was killed in a plane crash during WWII, and has been put in contact with the lightkeeper's daughter, Pat Bartlett, who was there when the plane came down.
 Kangaroo Island Lighthouses - Part 1 : Cape du Couedic
Denise Shultz tells us of her recent holiday to Kangaroo Island in South Australia, where she and her husband hoped to have a solitary holiday, and were pleasantly surprised.
 Pharology 101 - Mercury float
In the first of a new series of lighthouse 'lessons", Denise Shultz explains the chemistry and physics behind the mercury float, the ingenious design to support and rotate lighthouse lenses.

 Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse relit
Ian Clifford tells of the recent relighting of the Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse to mark Heritage Week.

International News
 Germany shutting down its lighthouses
The popularity of the satellite-based global positioning system has led to the closure of lighthouses along the German coast. Many more may soon be extinguished. But critics question whether the new system is reliable and safe enough to warrant the closure of these historical beacons of safety.
 Norway and Russia to replace nuclear batteries
Norway and Russia have agreed to replace several hundred nuclear powered lighthouses in the Barents Sea region. Thieves who have attempted to steal the nuclear batteries have created dangerous situations.
 Lighthouse photo competition
Trinity House, the General Lighthouse Authority, has launched a photographic competition to take the best pictures of one of the 71 lighthouses it operates in the UK.
 RTGs still an underestimated foe in securing loose nukes in Russia
A low profile joint US-Russian meeting on the subject of bilaterally dismantling Russia’s dilapidated and largely untended Radioactive Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs)—long viewed by both countries as fertile hunting ground for potential “dirty bomb” nuclear terrorists—was held for a small group of specialists, and passed almost completely unnoticed by the Russian public. 
 Loud past, quiet future at Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, Oregon, USA
Tillamook Rock Lighthouse no longer guides ships. It doesn't have a light, but it does have a purpose ...

 Commonwealth Lighthouse Service 90th Anniversary
The 90th anniversary of the Commonwealth Lighthouse Service (CLS) is due on or about 1 July 2005. Former AMSA/Dot Maritime employees who get together in Canberra for a lunch and beer or three every 3-4 months have noted that while some commemoration of this event will be happening in Queensland - there is no news of any other plans.

 CLS Reunion 2003

 The Lightkeeper
The play "The Lightkeeper" is moving from Sydney to various locations throughout the Northern Territory and Tasmania.


 Beacons by the Sea : Stories of Australian Lighthouses Exhibition
The National Archives of Australia exhibition, Beacons by the Sea: Stories of Australian Lighthouses, finishes at Eden on 26 June, and moves to Huskisson.

 International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend - 20-21 August 2005
Join the fun and help to raise the public profile of our lighthouses. Many lighthouses and places of associated interest will be open to the public, and there will be special events at lighthouses all around the world.

 ILLW 2002 at Emery Point

 Sea Britain Tour
Lighthouses of Australia Inc members and subscribers are invited to attend the Sea Britain Tour 2005, which is travelling around maritime locations in Britain in October.

 Cutty Sark

 Identifying Sandy Cape pupils from 1911 school photo
Claire Craig (nee Byrne), at 105, remembers the other people pictured with her in a photograph of a school mistress and her pupils at Sandy Cape Lighthouse in Queensland in 1911.
 Memories of life at South Solitary Island Lighthouse
Heather Dunn (nee McKinnon) remembers life of South Solitary Island, where her father, Tom McKinnon, was an assistant light keeper from 1946-1948.
 South Solitary Island Lighthouse
 Seeking penpal kids living at a lighthouse
Debbie Gleadow, a preschool teacher on Rhode Island, USA is teaching her students about lighthouses, and is seeking Australian children that live on a lighthouse property to correspond with.
 Lighthouse cemeteries - request for assistance
David Weatherill is in the process of researching old cemeteries and burials located with or part of lighthouses in Australia, and would appreciate any assistance and information [cemetery history, burials, etc] about old cemeteries and burials attached to lighthouses within Australia.
 Maintaining the graves at Montague Island
 Lighthouse keepers at Double Island Point
Karl Grieves writes about when he was
a child, he lived at Double Island Point and Pine Islet lighthouses where his father was a keeper. He also offers the opportunity to get in contact with his father to research the history of the keepers for these lights.
 Double Island Point Lighthouse
 Tracing records of keeper Edwin Johnson at Cape Moreton Lighthouse
James Campbell writes seeking to trace records of his grandfather's (Edwin Johnson) life at Cape Moreton lighthouse in QLD, circa 1910, and receives a very valuable response from Peter Braid, LoA Inc State Representative for Queensland.
Cape Moreton Lighthouse

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