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Monthly Bulletin
January/February 2005 - Vol 8 No. 1


Welcome to the new look LoA Inc Bulletin and website!

Kristie Eggleston
New LoA Inc Webmaster and Bulletin Editor
Photo: Jennifer Eggleston

The big news this month is that Malcolm Macdonald, founder of LoA Inc, has resigned. I would like to thank Malcolm for all his work for LoA Inc, his enthusiasm for lighthouses, and his foresight to involve others with various duties in the past, allowing us to 'pick up the pieces' and effectively continue on without him. As a result, the LoA Inc Committee has nominated me to take over the important role of webmaster, as well as continuing as Bulletin Editor. Steve Merson, LoA Inc Chief Editor, pays tribute to Malcolm's efforts and achievements for LoA Inc in our editorial for this edition of the new look Bulletin.

With the 'changing of the guard' at LoA Inc, the Committee is intending to adopt a number of new strategies, in an effort to further our exposure in the lighthouse community and increase our membership. It is hoped that the resulting greater financial position and authority will assist us in being more effective in the promotion, preservation and protection of Australia's lighthouses.

I have spent some time redesigning the website, and further changes will be made over the next few months. The Bulletin is also being presented in a different format - this makes it easy to navigate, and won't burden your email inbox. I welcome your feedback regarding the Bulletin and/or website - send your comments or suggestion to me via keeper@lighthouses.org.au.

We also hope that as ongoing Bulletin subscribers, those of you who are not members will take up the opportunity to join LoA Inc, and assist us the preservation of Australia's lighthouses.


Kristie Eggleston
LoA Inc Webmaster & Bulletin Editor

Letter from the Editor
Keeper's watch completed - LoA Inc pays tribute to Malcolm Macdonald, founder of Lighthouses of Australia Inc, who resigned from all duties in December 2004.

Lighthouses of Australia Inc SA Trip - December 2004
The 2004 LoA Inc Annual Dinner was combined with a trip to South Australia - we caught up with Robert Mock in Kingston SE, visited the Cape Jaffa platform and toured through the Cape Jaffa tower, then met up with a larger crew at Port Adelaide, and had dinner al fresco in the loom of the Port Adelaide light.
Never give up searching
Malcolm Macdonald tells the story of how we should never give up looking for lighthouse history - you never know when the most amazing photos, logbooks or documents will turn up.
Pine Islet Lighthouse - Register of the National Estate or tourist attraction?
The Pine Islet lighthouse in Mackay, Queensland was refused entry on the Register of the National Estate as it has been moved from its original location, but we should still do everything possible to protect lighthouses like this.

Bunbury Lighthouse WA - a mobile phone tower?
Telstra and the Bunbury Port Authority are proposing to attach up to 11 mobile phone antennas on the Bunbury lighthouse in Western Australia. Act now to voice your protest against this visual pollution.
Changes at the White Lady
There is talk again of the Split Point Lighthouse at Aireys Inlet in Victoria being opened to the public. The local council intends to sub-lease it to private tour contractors.
News from Table Cape Lighthouse
News comes of vandalism to the Table Cape lighthouse in Tasmania - sections of the lantern room are being damaged by gunshot!
First Lady of Light Dies at 103
LoA Inc notes the passing of America's "First Lady of the Light", Connie Small, who was very well known in lighthouse circles for lighthouse preservation and the telling of stories as a lighthouse keeper's wife.

National Heritage Workshops - schedule for Victoria
The National Trust of Victoria, WWF and Tasmanian Conservation Trust are holding a number of workshops around Victoria for parties interested in understanding the new national heritage lists. Members are urged to attend to see how we can further the preservation of our lighthouses.

Seeking details for lighthouse keeper in Victoria - Matthew Edward Mabbitt
Margaret Mabbitt is seeking details of her relative Matthew Mabbitt, who was a lighthouse keeper at a number of Victorian lights in the late 1800s. LoA Inc Secretary Pauline O'Brien responds with details on how to conduct family searches on the National Archives of Australia website.
Seeking details for lighthouse builders in South Australia - James & Luke McNair
Brenton McNair is seeking reader's help in tracking down details of his pioneer relatives James & Luke McNair, who may have helped build lighthouses in South Australia.

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