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MAY 2001

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Dear Friends

Its Time Get Passionate

Lighthouses of Australia Inc. is up and running and it is time get involved.

Whether you just join or become an active contributor, now is the time to protect, preserve and promote our Australian Lighthouses.

We've had a great response to last month's article on the abolition of the Australian Heritage Commission from Helen Rutley.

In a final of a series, read Ian Clifford's article on why you should get involved, followed by Malcolm Macdonald's article on how you can get involved.

Lighthouses of the Air Drop in on Malcolm

Lloyd and Winsome visited Malcolm for a cup of tea and a chat on wednesday.

They had arrived in Melbourne after flying down the New South Wales Coast, then across the Eastern Victorian Coast as part of their circumnavigation of Australia.

The photos they showed Malcolm of the lighthouses they had flown over were very impressive.

For more details of their journey check out Sam Calders report.

We are looking forward also to a series of reports on their adventure on the completion of their trip.


Ask Not What Your Lighthouse Project Can Do

[by Ian Clifford <>]

Following on from my article in last month's bulletin about the continuing and constant changes to our lighthouses and the increasing need to demonstrate public interest. I urge you not to rely on the public interest of others, you will, I assure you be very disappointed.

The Burned Out Cottages at Point Stephens as a Result of Vandalism [Photograph: Brian Lord]
The Burned Out Cottages at Point Stephens as a Result of Vandalism
[Photograph: Brian Lord]

If you are a lighthouse enthusiast, admirer or whatever, let others, particularly you local federal and state members know. I am urging you all to become proactive. I am also urging you to become involved in the project in some capacity. It doesn't have to be in a major role, in fact it's the coalface that always has vacancies.

Point Gellibrand Being Burned After Being Struck by The Melbourne Trader [Photograph: The Haven Gallery]
Point Gellibrand Being Burned After Being Struck by The Melbourne Trader
[Photograph: The Haven Gallery]

One of our frustrations within the project has been the difficulty in getting material from states other than NSW and VIC. There continues to be many lighthouses unrepresented from other areas. I know that lots of you reading this probably think that you don't have the skill to offer anything to the project. Let me assure you that you do. If you are reading this you have the only prerequisite required, an interest in lighthouses. That's where we all started !

Point Cloates Lighthouse in the Outback of Western Australia [Photograph: John O'Brien]
Point Cloates Lighthouse in the Outback of Western Australia
[Photograph: John O'Brien]

Distance is no problem, you've got the internet or even the good old post. So it doesn't matter where you are, in Australia or overseas; even steering committee meetings are on the net; you can participate in any capacity. Things like writing articles, proof reading, registering pages with search engines, can all be done from anywhere. Lighthouse preservation is an international issue and much can be learned from overseas experience. We welcome any international contributions and would like to encourage international participation in the project. The more people that can contribute material to the site the richer and more diverse it will become.

I know that in NSW alone there is quite a lot happening. If you know of news surrounding a lighthouse, any lighthouse, please forward it to the bulletin editor.

The Abandonded Penguin Island Lighthouse [Photograph: Grant Maizels]
The Abandonded Penguin Island Lighthouse
[Photograph: Grant Maizels]

One of the things stopping us getting more lighthouse pages up is often a lack of historical information. It's easy enough to get current photos but it usually requires a bit of work, often at the local historical society level to get the details necessary to put a page together properly. I must admit that research is my weak point, but that's the thing, someone's weakness is another person's strength. I know there are some people out there who specialise in research; we need you!

The success of the project to date is solely due to the effort and commitment of the people who have been involved up until now. Imagine what it can become when this effort and commitment is expanded.

Ian Clifford <> has provided many of the photographs that have been used in the Project [Photograph: Richard Jermyn]
Ian Clifford <>.
[Photograph: Richard Jermyn]

What Can You Do ?

[Malcolm Macdonald <>]

There has been a steady flow of enquiries to join the new organisation and the move has also increased the amount of people who are already inputing into it's continued success. It still needs all of you to get involved to ensure its ongoing success whether it be contributing simply through financial membership, helping with administration or the putting together stories and other materials to the lighthouse pages and bulletins.

Lighthouse Project Supporters on Expeditions

Many of you who have either subscribed to the free Monthly Bulletin or have applied for membership have asked how you can help. Some of you are worried because you are not a computer guru or that because you live on the other side of Australia or overseas you are not physically here to make a contribution.

There are heaps of jobs that can be done here or anywhere.

Jobs such as:

One simple job that can be done from where you are is periodic registration of pages with the major search engines. We could send you a short list of pages with keywords, description, URLs etc and it just a cut and paste job on each engine. If you are not over experienced you will soon get your head around a computer if you have an job or an interest to persue.

All Sorts of People Contribute to the Lighthouse Project

Another is checking pages for dead links or missing pictures. Also finding replacement links for dead links.

Updating the World Links page has fallen way behind and is ideal for one individual anywhere in the world.

Regarding the Bulletin, the fact is that Ed and I had to put far too many hours into the April Bulletin ourselves and we were very tired. We have done other bulletins where a bit of help has made it a lot easier.

For example:

Being able call on you to find matching links for keywords in articles we are doing. When we do a story matching keywords with relevant links is very time consuming. Where we have been able to send out to different people a short list of keywords to work with this has made a huge difference.

Often we get raw details like the Vlaming Head story where we have got somebody's first hand account coming in as a series of emails and newspaper articles that need rewriting, editing and converting to a feature or story. When one of you do one of these stories for us as it really takes the pressure off Ed & myself and saves heaps of time. Sometimes we need the story done quickly but often you have weeks.

It is important to note that the Monthly Bulletin will still be FREE to all who wish to recieve it, members and non-members. It is far too valuable in it contribution to become an exclusive vassell of a select few.

Regarding the Committee and sub-committees we will be having a meeting soon and will be looking for nominations for roles on the Committee and various subcommittees from applicants for membership. Some of the sub-committees and areas of special interest groups that are being suggested are:

Have a look a the following to see if you feel there is anything you can contribute with. Feel happy to email for more information <>

The Main Committee will consist of:

  • Project Convener*
  • President (Deputy Project Convener*)
  • Vice President
  • Finance Officer* and
  • Project Secretary*
  • The Bulletin Editor* and
  • The Webmaster
  • Communication & Liason Officer
  • Sponsorship & Fundraising Officer (optional with formation of sub-committee)
  • Membership Development Officer (optional with formation of sub-committee)
  • Representative of the Australian Lighthouse Association
  • State Representitives (Organisers etc)
  • International Representitives

The Enthusiasm of These People Has Made the Project What it is TodayThe Lighthouse Pages Committee will consist of:

  • The Webmaster
  • Assistant Webmaster
  • Web Compositors
  • Photo Librarian
  • Archivist
  • Researchers
  • Technical Support
  • Site Promotion

The Bulletin Committee will consist of:

  • The Bulletin Editor*
  • Assistant Bulletin Editor
  • Web Compositors
  • Casual Contributors

The Fundraising Committee will consist of:

  • Finance Officer*; and
  • Sponsorship Officer
  • Grants Officer
  • Membership Officer (Finance Officer by default)

The Keepers Lists Special Interest Group will consist of:

  • Hopefully representives from all states with an interest in compile a national on-line list or database.

Other Special Interest Groups:

  • We are open to suggestions

State and Local Groups will consist of:

  • People to be state or local representatives (organisers) but also people who have the background who can get together to review some of our pages and you might like to take on some of the ones closer to you. This may include new pages for some areas where we have a few gaps so this may be an interest you may wish to persue.
  • We are still battling to get a fair representation of lighthouses from Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
  • We really need people from those states who can get out there and get the pictures, the histories and anectdotes, even if it's just your own local lighthouse.
  • This is an Australia wide project, not an 'Eastern States' project as some in the West have felt inclined to indicate. It belongs to everybody, every state that contributes.

We also need an Auditor, though this is not a committee position

* Position is currently allocated

The interim committee is communicating regularly and will soon hold a meeting to start accepting new nominations and set up some of these sub-committes and special interest groups.

These People have Contributed to Some Really Great Pages and Bulletins

As you are aware, all the work on this Project has been as a result of the goodwill of all of you who are involved.

Many of you have made huge contributions out of your own time and expense and it has all helped to make this project the success it is. The credit belongs to all of you.

If you are interested in nominating any of the above positions then send us a detailed list of what your skills and experiences are. Distance and working over the Net is no problem.

Don't forget, any participation will be most welcome so join and become a member.

Journey To The Light

[Miss Andrea Marks <>]

In 1974 my family travelled to Tasmania for the first time. As we set off my grandfather said "go to New Norfolk because that's where my family come from". As we had no particular interest in genealogy at the time, an unsuccessful search through the New Norfolk graveyard sufficed for that trip.

In 1995 my mother and I returned to Tasmania with the intent of uncovering where my paternal great grandparents George MARKS and Edith May BEDFORD came from. We were armed with only their birth certificates which provided us with their date and place of birth as well as their parents names and fathers' occupations. Our first port of call was the Archives of Tasmania (AOT) where we asked the person at the desk for some direction as to where to commence our search. To our surprise we discovered that both of George's parents - George MARKS and Mary KELLY along with Edith's father - Joseph BEDFORD were convicts. To go back to where it all began we had to return to Ireland.

George MARKS(snr) and Mary KELLY were victims of the potato famine in Ireland. George was convicted for breaking in to a gentleman's house and stealing potatoes and Mary for stealing a cow. Consequently, they were both sentenced and sent to Tasmania. George arrived in Tasmania on 14 August,1852 aboard the Lord Dalhousie and Mary on 1 September, 1852 aboard the Martin Luther. Both were put straight to work, George carrying out work for the Marine Board and Mary for John GILLON (a well known stonemason) in the Hobart area. On 29 September, 1856 after both had been given their Ticket of Leave they married and in June of 1857 Mary gave birth to twin boys - William and Henry MARKS b. 9 June. Their third son George was born on 13 February, 1862 while still living in Hobart. In 1865 George MARKS (senior) took up a position on Goose Island Lighthouse alongside the two other assistants Alex GORRIE and Robert JACKSON and the Superintendent Henry NAPPER.

The Barren Goose Island and It's Lighthouse [Photograph: AMSA]
The Barren Goose Island and It's Lighthouse
[Photograph: AMSA]

Goose Island is the most westerly of the Furneaux Group of islands on the North Eastern tip of Tasmania. The lighthouses in this area were a vital link in trade between Tasmania and mainland Australia and as such, required twenty-four hour maintenance by the Superintendents and their teams of 3 assistants.

Life on 'the Goose' was difficult due to it's remoteness, poor weather and unreliable food supplies. Violent winds lashed the Island for much of the time often in conjunction with rain for days on end. On one such occasion the damage to the roof on one assistant's house forced two of the families, already working in such close quarters, to live together until repairs could be made on their house.

Boredom must have met them at every turn. One wonders if this was on one occasion averted by the superintendent by prolonging chores for the men over several days. In reports gathered from the AOT there are several consecutive days entries which mention polishing the brass on the lighthouse and the surrounding buildings and of repairing wheelbarrows and then painting them!

The Goose Island Lighthouse [Photograph: AMSA]
The Goose Island Lighthouse
[Photograph: AMSA]

In times of illness, help was a long way off. Limited supplies meant that the First Aid kit was often low or empty. Rowing out to passing ships in some cases proved fatal and the nearest medical help was in Launceston or Hobart. In 1868 (three years after commencing work on 'The Goose') George MARKS (snr) fell ill with unexplained dizzy spells which took him several hours or days to recover from. He travelled to Hobart for medical advice several times over the next couple of years but on 5 January 1871 he died suddenly on Goose Island.

As there was no available timber on Goose Island the other men constructed a makeshift coffin from old doors. He was buried the next day in the small cemetery which was already the resting place of "a major... and a poor black boy" (according to Canon Marcus Brownrigg in the book Mission to the Islands by Stephen Murray-Smith, Foot & Playsted, Launceston 1987).

The Goose Island Graveyard Where George Marks (snr) is Buried [Photograph: AMSA]
The Goose Island Graveyard Where George Marks (snr) is Buried
[Photograph: AMSA]

George's wife Mary (KELLY) MARKS and their three sons moved back to Hobart. George (jnr) working as a stonemason in Tasmania and then in Bowral, NSW at the 'Gib' and William and Henry working on whaling boats in Australia and the South Pacific.

Mary died in 1906 and is buried in Cornelian Bay Cemetery in Hobart. I have been able to visit her grave and it is now marked with a memorial headstone but visiting George(snr)'s resting place has been more difficult. I have since visited Flinders Island and seen the Goose Island Lighthouse flashing in the distance and have flown over it twice but my wish to travel to Goose Island has been thwarted by the poor weather I mentioned earlier.

This has not dampened my interest in Goose Island, the lighthouse and the people who lived and died on it. I hope to try and create a small but useful index of those who are buried on Goose Island and would love to hear from anyone who has ancestors who lived on Goose Island or are buried there.

Letters & Notices

Looking for James Dimond, was Keeper at Queenscliffe

Hi Keeper

My Great great grandfather James Dimond was keeper at Queenscliffe listed as being there in 1870 [Photo Courtesy: Margaret Bull]Today I found your Website on the net. Do you have information on the Lighthouse Keepers. My Great great grandfather James Dimond was keeper at Queenscliffe listed as being there in 1870. He is also shown on the list of Keepers at the Cape Schank Lighthouse Museum as Head Keeper in 1890 -1891. We also believe he was at Gabo Island.

If you are collecting any information on keepers I do have copies of his death certificate and he is also listed on my Great grandmothers wedding certificate in Queenscliffe. He was born in Bristol. Would be grateful if you have any information or are you more interested in the history of the lights themselves.

Margaret Bull <>

Messenger Pigeons at Lighthouses

Hi Malcolm

Can you tell me more about the messenger pigeons that were used by the lighthouse keepers. Are there any documented accounts of rescues or lives saved because of the roll the pigeons played at the lights. Thankyou

Timothy Hume - Canada <>

Can You Help With Keeper's Badge

Dear Malcolm.

I am glad to learn that you are feeling better again.

The reason I write this email so soon after receiving the March-issue is that I am shocked to learn that the Australian Lighthouse Board is going into private hands by March 31 of this year. Why this shocked me and why I am writing so soon after receiving your email is the following:

I have started a collection of cap-badges of lighthouse-keepers since this is slowly becoming an extinct profession and I am afraid that if I wait too long the chance of obtaining an Australian one is going to be nil.

My request is:

Can you help me to obtain such a badge, or otherwise can you get me the address (or email-address) of the Australian Lighthhouse Board so I ask them if they can help me before they close down. Of course any costs involved I gladly reimburse. Awaiting your reply.

I am, yours sincerely

Klaas Honig <>
Praamstraat 22
1503 KN Zaandam
The Netherlands.

Chance Brothers Page


I have now put together a small page on Chance Brothers. You can refer your people to as a general link. Alternatively: will take you straight to it.

Best wishes Ken Trethewey <>
Lighthouse Society of Great Britain
Gravesend Cottage
Cornwall PL11 2LX, UK

Shoal Bay Lighthouse Keepers Cottages


Stumbling around the internet I found (again) your great site - January
00 issue of the bulletin
with photos and story by Ian Clifford of the
Shoal Bay Light.

The Point Stephens (Shoal Bay Lighthouse) Keepers Cottage Before They Were Destroyed [Photograph: Susan Dietrich]

This reminded me of my own amateur (very) photos taken in 1980. Note the hens around the verandah!

I am very sorry to hear that the keepers cottages have been destroyed -
they were a particularly pleasing piece of architecture, one I remember

Thanks again for a great site

Susan Dietrich <>

Lessons in Life at South Solitary

Hi Malcolm

My family lived there in 1974. My Dad, Trevor Weatherstone, was one of the last Keepers.

My parents divorced when I was quite young. I went to live there with my father for the 1st time ever in my life, I got to know my father while I was there for about 18 months. He taught me how to fish and shoot and morse code and some good lessons for life. So it holds many wonderful preciuos memories and some GOOD fish stories.

### A Freaky Story ######

The island is haunted

This is a true story you can believe it or not but I know it happened

My step mother and myself were harassed by all sorts of strange happenings and noises. This one was a regular happening. We heard a troop of soldiers marching, they would stop at the backdoor move the handle. Then the marching would resume leading away. Then seconds later we could hear a woman crying. And on those nights I would b visited in my bedroom. IE the bed would lift just ever so slightly.

Your probably reading this and saying that this bloke is mad. [ I have had other experiences since then] do you know of others who had any experiences there?

But if needed I will help save any lighthouse I can. When years ago I kept an eye on the committee that spelt the death knell for light houses here in Australia, when I heard their decision I wrote a very nasty letter.

Cheers till later

Danny Weatherstone <>

Feel free to post any request, letters, notices here regarding research, events etc for any Australian Lighthouse on this notice board.


Department of Scrounge:

If anybody has any of this material on any Australian lighthouses including the ones listed at the Department of Scrounge it would appreciated, especially the high priority ones:

  • Original Colour Photographs
  • Historical Photographs or Postcards
  • History, experiences and anecdotes
  • Technical History

Please email <Keeper>

New Pages & Links

New Pages for Australia:

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New Links for Australia:

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Also, New Links for World:

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If your e-mail does not display in HTML these pages can be accessed from the "New Listing for Month Index" at <>

Australian News:

Response to "Changes to National Heritage Laws"

Hi Malcolm

Hope your health is improving and that you are now well and truly settled into your new home.

I am emailing you re the condition of the Crookhaven Lighthouse. The article on the Heritage Commission and the National Estate in the last newsletter proved very interesting. You may have visited the Crookhaven Light when you toured the Shoalhaven Lighthouses. Since that time the vandals have taken over and are trashing the site. It has been said that because it is on State owned land the Shoalhaven City Council and the Department of Water Conservation . Waterways use the lighthouse and maintain the light but they do not take care of the building etc. Shoalhaven Council are helping to clean up the grounds and they have expressed an interest in taking over the care of the lighthouse. To explain it better I enclosed below the article in the South Coast Register on Monday 16th April.

I have scanned it so if you can not read it I will send a copy to you. As Curator of the Shoalhaven Historical Society Museum I know we have quite an amount of material in our archives on the Lighthouse and the adjacent Pilot's cottage. Our Society is very interested in what is happening to the site and our President has spoken to Karen Fowler from the Nowra branch of the Department of Water Conservation who gave the information in the newspaper article and has alerted our local State member to the situation.

Regards Helen Ruttley <>

Let There Be Light

[South Coast Register- Monday April 16 2001
edited by Ed Kavaliunas]

One of Shoalhaven's shining lights is in jeopardy because of vandalism and confusion as to who is responsible for it's status. Despite being an aid for mariners for many years the only body which acknowledges any responsibility is Waterways, and that basically stops with the globe.

The Sorry State of the Lighthouse Structure [Photograph: South Coast Register]
The Sorry State of the Lighthouse Structure
[Photograph: South Coast Register]

Karen Fowler from the Department of Land and Water Conservation says that because the lighthouse sits on state-owned land, a reserve for lighthouse purposes, Shoalhaven City Council and the Department of Land and Water Conservation don't have any responsibility for it.

She says that Waterways use the lighthouse and maintain the light inside it but that is the extent of its upkeep.

The Only Official Maintenance Considered Necessary for the Crookhaven Lighthouse is Changing the Globe [Photograph: South Coast Register]
The Only Official Maintenance Considered Necessary for the Crookhaven Lighthouse is Changing the Globe.
[Photograph: South Coast Register]

The issue of ownership and maintenance is being negotiated with Council and it is hoped that they will take over caring for the lighthouse.

Council has expressed an interest in taking the lighthouse should they be given state government funding.

A spokesman from the Shoalhaven City Council said that despite the lighthouse was not council responsibility, they do manage the reserve and are currently clearing vegetation to maintain the sight lines to the light. "as a trust manager we're supportive of entering discussions with Waterways and the Department of Land and Water Conservation to determine future management options for the lighthouse and in particular an appropriate hand-over budget for it's upkeep.

Lighthouses From the Air

[by Sam Calder]

In our March Bulletin we mentioned the impending adventure by retired investor / accountant / journalist / photographer Winsome Bonham and her partner, retired accountant / air traffic controller / radio technician Lloyd Rogers.

Lloyd and Winsome with their Cessna 172 [Photograph: Winsome Bonham]
Lloyd and Winsome with their Cessna 172
[Photograph: Winsome Bonham]

The trip brings to life yet another adventure in their lives. Having commenced their retirement with a NSW "Big Ride" last year from Tweed Heads to Sydney they decided to go just that little bit further this year, a circumnavigation of the Australian Mainland photographing as many lighthouses as nature will allow them on their 64 day trip.

Green Cape Lighthouse From the Air. Note the New Meccano Set Tower to the Left [Photograph: Marguerite Stephen]
Green Cape Lighthouse From the Air. Note the New Meccano Set Tower to the Left.
[Photograph: Marguerite Stephen]

Their adventure marries two wonderous dreams, Winsome's love of lighthouses and passion for photography with Lloyd's long term love affair with the air.

As Winsome puts it:

"I have always had a mad passion for photography since my parents gave me a box brownie for my 15th birthday. I photograph anything, anytime and anywhere, it has always been a joke in my family that I never take anything less than 3 photos of everything. This trip will allow me to fulfil my dreams of recording the lighthouses of this country before they disappear. I have been spurred on by stories of vandals attempting to desecrate these magnificent and historic buildings. I did not realise quite how many there were till we started researching. The buildings have always fascinated me as they are mostly different and now I find that meccano set towers are being built to carry the automatic lights so I presume the beautiful buildings will be left to rot."


"I have been interested in flying from an early age however did not take up training until I had sufficient time and funds to complete all the necessary qualifications. I am now realising a wonderful dream of circumnavigating Australia at low level on a magnificent scenic route which very fortunately allows Winsome to achieve one of her dreams. I have been flying since August '95 and my current ratings are commercial pilot licence (CPL), command instrument rating (CIRS/E) night visual flight rules (NVFR) and low flying authorisation. To prepare further for our adventure we undertook several courses (other than flying), including senior first aid, internet(as we are amateurs at this computer business), digital photography and helicopter underwater escape training and sea survival (there are no ditching courses for fixed wing aircraft)."

The Dent Island Lighthstation From the Air [Photograph: Current Occupant]
The Dent Island Lighthstation From the Air
[Photograph: Kandice and John Weymouth]

The adventure commences and finishes at the Royal Newcastle Aero Club, Maitland, NSW who have provided support and encouragement in the twelve months leading up to the trip.

They plan to cover each of the following states on approximately the following dates (they have allowed a few days slack for less than favourable weather)

New South Wales 28th April to 29th April
Victoria 29th April to 4th May
South Australia 5th May to 15th May
Western Australia 16th May to 27th May
Northern Territory 27th May to 4th June
Queensland 4th June to 18th June
New South Wales 18th June to 30th June

It is hoped that the progress of the trip will be monitored on an ABC website with daily updates but to date these details are not confirmed.

They would love to hear from anyone who would like to contact them either by phone, radio or eMail as follows:

Phone: 0409 873 867 and 0419 282 217
Radio call sign: "Romeo November Lima" (RNL)
eMail: or

Aircraft identification: Cessna 172 (C172) white with blue markings. Photography will be between 200ft and 500ft AMSL/AFGL. Maximum radius from the lighthouses as they orbit 3 times will be 800m.

We will publish any news and updates as they come to hand.

Tasman Island From The Air [Photograph: Ed Kavaliunas]
Tasman Island From The Air
[Photograph: Ed Kavaliunas]

With any luck we will all be able to benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime experience by viewing some of Winsome's work at a later date. Also, they are planning a similar circumnavigation of Tasmania in the near future (definitely in the summer months!).

Special Stamp Issue for IALA 2002 Meeting

[PRISM - Autumn 2001]

A Sample Produced in 1999 for Australia Post
Featuring the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse [Designed by: Cathy Collins, Visual Identity Pty Ltd]

Australia Post is planning to issue a set of four lighthouse stamps to commemorate this meeting to be held at Darling Harbour in March next year.

This is good news. We have many overseas requests for Australian Lighthouse Stamps and we have to tell people that they are very uncommon.

The Only Other Dedicated Lighthouse Stamp Was issued in 1968 to Commemorate the 150th Anniverasry of Australia's First Lighthouse [Stamp: Australia Post]
The Only Other Dedicated Lighthouse Stamp Was issued in 1968 to Commemorate the 150th Anniverasry of Australia's First Lighthouse
[Stamp: Australia Post]

The Barrenjoey Lighthouse
Another Sample Produced in 1999 for Australia Post Featuring the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse
[Designed by: Cathy Collins, Visual Identity Pty Ltd]

The Australian Lighthouse Association have been contacted to suggest suitable lighthouses for the set and we know that one of our photographer members has been in discussions with them. Again, we’ll publish more when we know more.

Double Island Point Reunion Mooted

[PRISM - Autumn 2001]

The Double Island Point Lighthouse [Photograph: Denise Shultz]
The Double Island Point Lighthouse
[Photograph: Denise Shultz]

Marion Borchett is hoping to arrange a reunion of former keepers at Double Island and Inskip Points next September. The reunion will coincide with long-standing ALA member, Madeleine Leck๰th birthday. Marion would be most grateful if former keepers or other people with any relevant information would write to her at:

PO Box 78
Rainbow Beach
QLD 4581

We hope to publish more in our next issue.

Proposed Exhibition on Lighthouse Life

National Archives of Australia (NAA) has called for submissions of material in various media for a planned exhibition about the people who lived and worked in lighthouses around Australia.

The exhibition is planned for some time in 2002.

The theme is still quite open and Lisa would be interested to hear your ideas and also any material, stories etc that you may have or know of. This could include:

  • Logbooks
  • Architectural drawings
  • Photographs from a range of different periods
  • Documents related lighthouses and shipping
  • Films recording lighthouse experiences or history
  • Personal stories about families living on the lightstations
  • Sound recording lighthouse experiences or history
  • Other sorts of material and ideas

The exhibition is being organised by the Curator of the NAA - Lisa Williams <> and it is suggested that you contact her if you have any ideas or contributions.

If you know of any news or event effecting an Australian Lighthouse please forward it to us so we can publish in the Monthly Bulletin.

Thanks to the Following People for Their Help in April:

Ian Clifford (Article)
Denise Shultz (Support)
Diana Jansen (Photos)
Alan Lawley (Photos)

Thanks to all the people who have put links to the site

Thanks to those who let me use their photos for thumbnails.

Regards until the June 2001 Bulletin
Malcolm Macdonald

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Brian Lord for Photographs
Denise Shultz for Photograph
Dick O'Neil for NAA Leaflet
Ed Kavaliunas for Editing and Photograph
Grant Maizels for Photograph
The Haven Gallery for Photograph
Helen Ruttley for Response
Ian Clifford for Report
John O'Brien for Photograph
Marguerite Stephen for Photograph
Micheal Oxley for Retyping Article
PRISM for News
Richard Jermyn for Photograph
Sam Calder for Report
Sandra Hand for Retyping Article
South Coast Register for Article and Photographs
Winsome Bonham for Photograph

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