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How you can help Lighthouses of Australia Inc

The Lighthouses of Australia committee is constantly working to keep the website up to date, and expand it with further information and photographs.

To Help with Lighthouse pages

If you have or know of material that could be used on the Lighthouses of Australia website, we would love to hear from you, or if you have any feedback, email the LoA Web Keeper or fill out the Feedback Form to tell us what you think of the website.

What you can help with is:

Or, create a great page dedicated to your local or favourite Australian lighthouse, let us know the URL, and we will consider adding a link to it.

Some lighthouses already have a collection of material with just one or two elements missing before a complete page can be created for them. Help with these in particular would be appreciated.

Also any extra information or photos on existing pages would be welcome so they can be updated or improved.

We would also be pleased if someone could provide us with a few hours flying time to get some aerial shots of some of the lighthouses in our region.

If you can help with any of the above, email the LoA Web Keeper or fill out the Feedback Form.


To Help with Bulletin News and Stories

We are stuck in our little corner of Australia. We need your eyes and ears all over Australia to keep us informed of lighthouse happenings in your part of Australia.

This may include things such as:

It really helps us if you can give us as much information as possible. This could be:

News and stories can be forwarded to the Chief Editor.

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